Why does the TV itself turn on and immediately turn off: reasons


A modern person cannot do without a TV — this is timely news, new films and favorite TV shows, entertainment and sports programs. Therefore, when there are any problems with the “favorite”, we immediately try to fix everything. Quite often the following happens: the TV turns itself on and off — the reasons for such an unusual behavior of the equipment are unknown, but it is necessary to eliminate the annoying malfunction as soon as possible.

TV and flowers

Obvious reasons

Modern «smart» TV technology works through operating systems and, in terms of its capabilities, has almost come close to the level of personal computers. Almost every platform has software in its arsenal that allows you to automatically turn off the TV at one time or another. For example, if there is no signal from the antenna.

The interface of operating systems on devices of different brands may differ: it is worth looking in the branches of the menu for the sections «Timer», «Automatic shutdown / on» or something similar. After deactivating the functionality, the problem should disappear.

Timer settings

The included timer on the TV can turn it on and off without the knowledge of the user

Other technical and hardware nuances

If the equipment turns on and works for several seconds or minutes, and then turns off, then it is worth diagnosing the main elements of the TV, as well as checking the local software. The cause of the malfunction may lie in various places.

  1. Power Supply. Capacitors fail. The elements are checked with a multimeter and replaced if necessary.
  2. Board overheating. The use of equipment in violation of the rules and recommendations specified in the operating instructions can lead to strong heating of the elements and, as a result, the device turns off.
  3. Outdated Software. We update the software part of the platform to the current version using local functionality. The procedure can be carried out «over the air» through the Network or copy the firmware to a USB flash drive and install it manually.
  4. Antenna interface. We check the quality of the connection: connector, cable and the port itself.
  5. inverter. The element is extremely sensitive to high humidity.
  6. Dust. The dirt accumulated on the board can cause the contacts to close, which causes the equipment to randomly turn off.
  7. Remote Control. Buttons on the remote control that are sunken from frequent pressing or the same dirt cause accidental operation of certain functions, including shutdowns.
    dust on tv

    Dust accumulated inside the TV may cause a malfunction.

Consider the features of the diagnosis of individual elements.

Power Supply

This is one of the most important devices in the TV, the performance of which should be checked first. The following symptoms may indicate the failure of the power supply:

  • the equipment itself turns off approximately 30-40 seconds after turning it on;
  • when the indication on the panel is working, there is no response from the control panel;
  • the LED indicating power supply goes out after a while after switching on or does not light up at all.

In a good half of cases, the problem with the power supply lies in the fuse. A visual inspection of the latter should reveal tears, blisters, and other signs that indicate the need to replace the part.

fuses on the TV power supply

Fuses on the TV power supply

Voltage problems

Power surges affect the operation of all equipment, but in the first place on diodes and capacitors. If the latter burned out, the TV will turn off a few minutes after turning on. The gradual fading of the display indicates faulty diodes.

For diagnostics, it is necessary to open the case and ring the main board with a multimeter. Replacing burnt parts requires not only a wealth of knowledge in this area, but also a specific tool. Therefore, this problem is best placed on the shoulders of professionals. Otherwise, you can burn the board, the replacement of which will cost serious financial expenses.

checking the board with a multimeter

To check diodes and capacitors, it is better to turn to professionals.


It happens that in the process of checking equipment in production, some additional functionality was activated, such as the same shutdown timer. Therefore, after buying new equipment and the occurrence of such problems, it is worth reset TV to factory settings.

Some third-party programs, which, it would seem, should not in any way be related to automatically turning off or turning on the TV, carry such functionality. It is worth checking the newly installed software for such features.

Important! A characteristic feature of such interference is turning on or off the equipment at the same time.

If activated automatic download of the manufacturer’s software, then some TV models require a reboot after the update. The problem is solved by switching the functionality to manual control mode.

TV software update

Automatic software update on LG TV


An unstable network may disturb the normal operation of the inverter. As a result, the TV will turn off at certain intervals, the frequency of which depends on the nature of the malfunction. The inverter can fail for a number of reasons:

  • power surges;
  • overheating of the main elements;
  • high humidity;
  • blown capacitors.

Self-repair of the inverter, as in the case of the main board, requires certain knowledge and skills, as well as a specific tool. Therefore, the help of a professional here will clearly be useful.

From this video, the home master can learn useful information about identifying faulty parts, how to change them, and other nuances:

You can also learn the nuances of self-repair of TVs of various brands from this article.

Human factor

This is the most influential cause of modern technology failures: many users are so inattentive that they can cause serious damage to household appliances because they do not have special technical knowledge, and often even elementary safety concepts. Loose contacts in socket can affect the spontaneous shutdown of smart technology — in this way, the built-in security system protects the TV from overheating and malfunctions.

If your TV suddenly turns off by itself, check the condition of the outlet. If there are small children in the house, then such a check should be carried out regularly — several times a week, or a hidden connection should be made in a place inaccessible to them.


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