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AST products are traditionally included in the ratings of the best karaoke systems, and this is due to its characteristics, availability, and a variety of model ranges. In this article, you will learn about the varieties and differences of karaoke systems from this manufacturer, as well as the key advantages of basic models for different user groups.

Karaoke system AST

When choosing a karaoke machine, you should focus not only on your user request, but also on the characteristics of the products of the market’s flagships. Manufacturers with a name lay in their products a maximum of technical innovations and well-thought-out functionality. How to navigate the range of models when choosing karaoke for different consumer groups? Consider below.

What karaoke systems exist

The market of karaoke equipment is developing every year and is replenished with new models, so the consumer can choose karaoke exactly for their purposes. All presented goods can be divided into two large categories — for home and for business.

Home karaoke is designed for those who like to get together with their family or friends to enjoy vocals. For these purposes, both simple karaoke players and professional-level karaoke systems are used.

Multifunctional business equipment suitable for large premises. It provides excellent sound and withstands high loads. Such installations are used in karaoke bars, restaurants, cafes, bath complexes and even in children’s centers.

Karaoke equipment

Karaoke equipment for clubs and bars

Visitors want to enjoy singing their favorite songs and enjoy high-quality music. And any technical imperfections or sounding errors will spoil the impression not from the karaoke installation, but from the whole institution. Therefore, choosing a specific model of a karaoke system is a responsible task for a club/bar owner. Ideally, this should be a professional karaoke for business, which has the following characteristics:

  1. Good base of musical compositions. A high-quality karaoke system has a large number of studio-quality backing tracks and original backing tracks from performers. It is important that every visitor, regardless of age and musical taste, be able to find a few favorite tracks.
  2. Entourage for guests. A visitor to a karaoke establishment longs for a full-fledged show and wants to feel like a star during the performance. If the equipment is able to change the tone and tempo of the song, uses effects to improve vocals and intelligently evaluates singing — a lot of impressions and a great mood are guaranteed!
  3. High-quality software, well-coordinated interface and extensive equipment customization options. A comfortable workplace for a sound engineer is the key to a good organization of a karaoke party.
  4. Availability of certification. Certificates confirm not only the quality of the materials from which the unit is made, but also the fact that its work processes comply with safety standards.

Remember: if the manufacturer of the karaoke system does not provide a quality certificate, this product is counterfeit, which means that during operation it can harm the health and even life of the user.

Karaoke equipment for clubs and bars

AST Mini — karaoke for a bar or a small cafe

Art System position the Mini as a cross between premium karaoke for business and home systems. From the latter, she took compact dimensions, simple and understandable user characteristics. And from premium-quality equipment — I got professional opportunities. Therefore, AST Mini is chosen not only by home karaoke players, but also by owners of small cafes and bars.

AST Mini

This karaoke system works with a catalog of current studio tracks, supports high-resolution video, and has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. You can control the equipment through a tablet or smartphone. For the “wow” effect, there is a professional voice processing and a recording of the visitors’ singing, a correct performance evaluation system and an impressive visual range.
Prices on AST Mini on Yandex Market:

AST-250 — karaoke for the club

The AST-250 is the premium level of karaoke. The model was created for big business, therefore it is used in karaoke clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, etc.

Behind the slim black body of the AST-250 lies great functionality and a thoughtful workspace for the sound engineer. Visitor applications can be accepted online, and entering a song with errors will not become a hindrance thanks to intelligent search. A huge database with tens of thousands of studio recordings will appeal to both an ordinary singing lover and a professional vocalist. And flexible voice capabilities, coupled with a powerful DSP and 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, guarantee concert sound.


As a karaoke machine for a restaurant, club and other large-scale venues, the AST-250 model easily withstands continuous loads due to the adaptive cooling system. Ease of installation and an intuitive interface add to the comfort of using the unit.
Prices on AST-250 on Yandex Market:

AST-50 — karaoke for the VIP room

This model is also part of the B2B product line and is an all-in-one device. It is equipped with a processor for processing vocals and does not need additional equipment. In addition to high-quality sound, it creates the atmosphere of a performance with the help of official video clips, a system for evaluating singing, highlighting parts with different colors and other interesting user features.


The AST-50 installation will be the best solution in situations where the buyer cannot decide which karaoke is better — simple and convenient or multifunctional and professional.
Prices on AST-50 on Yandex Market:

Home karaoke systems

Such installations should have good sound capabilities, a large database of musical compositions and controls that are understandable for any user.

The best settings in terms of functionality, interface and sound quality are offered by Ast or Evolution manufacturers. Their professional solutions for home karaoke players meet the demand of users for inexpensive and compact models. Nevertheless, reviews of AST and Evolution show that installations from Art System are more in demand. Their advantages are an extensive base and excellent sounding of phonograms.

Karaoke kits with microphone

It is most convenient to buy a karaoke kit with a microphone. Such an installation is already ready for operation and does not create difficulties for the user in finding additional equipment: everything is already included in the kit. A great example is Art System’s AST Home, which includes two wireless microphones with built-in controls and a compact base with a clean design.

Karaoke kits with microphone

Karaoke consoles

An even simpler, but not always high-quality, option is karaoke consoles. Such «boxes» are also connected to the TV. Usually they play phonograms from discs, less often — with the help of Internet resources. Some karaoke consoles support voice modulation functions and sound quite good, especially for open-minded karaoke players. However, most set-top boxes do not reach the professional level in terms of technological equipment, and are unlikely to be suitable for experienced users.


We hope that our article has helped you understand the types and quality criteria of karaoke systems for home and commercial use, as well as learn more about the lineup of the leader in this field — AST. Good luck with your choice!


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