Which is better to buy a modern smart TV for home


The popularity of smart TV technology is understandable: on the screen of such a device, you can get much more information than just watching programs. Videos, social networks and other online content are only a small part of what a smart TV can provide. The main thing is to choose the optimal platform. So which smart TV is better to buy?

Smart TV

Features of the smart TV

Smart TV devices have a number of distinctive features that allow them to compete favorably with their counterparts.

  1. In such a technique built in wifi modulewhich will quickly connect it to your home web network (how to do this, the article will tell you about connecting your TV to the Internet).
  2. Modern smart devices already have built-in applications from YouTube to Facebook. It turns out that the user can view much of what is offered directly on the TV screen.
  3. You can check the weather in real time. News, TV guides and the like are also offered.
  4. A TV with built-in smart technology is quite capable of replacing a computer — it equipped with a web browser. The work will proceed as follows: a search bar with a virtual keyboard appears on the screen. With the help of the remote control or the mouse, the desired URL is driven in and the transition to the requested page is made.

Smart TV Philips

Overview of operating systems Smart TV

When choosing a Smart TV, it is important to pay attention to what operating system is installed on it. To choose the most suitable for yourself, you need to study the capabilities of each of them and the convenience of managing the device. Currently, several types of OS are popular.


One of the most common operating systems that is used in TVs. Sony was the first to use it on its devices. A few years later, TVs of this brand still have a convenient system that is simple and understandable even to an inexperienced Smart user. Entry is very easy. To do this, you can use the same account that is already installed on the user’s smartphone.

After that, the owner of the TV can install all the programs he needs on it. Applications on Sony Smart TV are easily installed through Play Market app store. For those who use it on smartphones and tablets, there will be no problems with downloading.

However, on some models of devices from other companies, there may be some nuances using the Play Market. And although the Android operating system itself is installed on them and works normally, there may be problems with downloading and installing applications. Of course, on such TVs there is a manufacturer’s own store, but its capabilities are very limited. Because of this Smart TV functionality becomes inferior.


Owners of Samsung TVs are familiar with such an operating system. It has been around for a long time and is constantly being improved. The device’s app store has a large number of programs that are useful in different situations. In addition, Samsung Smart TV can be controlled by voice. Also, thanks to the presence gyroscope in remote controlthey can perform certain actions and give commands to the device.

Currently, Tizen is one of the best among all branded operating systems. It is easy to use and stable. Smart Hub contains constantly updated. Here you can find a variety of applications — from weather forecasts to music programs. In addition, Samsung Smart TV offers its users games and entertainment services.

See also: how to set up a Samsung Smart TV.

Web OS

This operating system is used on LG Smart TVs. According to user reviews, it is convenient and thoughtful. It is worth noting the possibility of voice control and ease of setup. Google Assistant and Alexa help to facilitate acquaintance with the functionality of Smart TV. In addition, the technical characteristics of webOS are higher than Tizen, so it works a little faster.

The LG operating system allows you to use applications even after switching to another screen. This is an OS feature that other manufacturers rarely boast.

In addition, webOS supports a large number of digital content provider services. Among them, it is worth highlighting YouTube, Amazon and Netflix.

Recently, Smart TV has become increasingly popular. To sell goods, services, digital content, manufacturers began to develop their own operating systems. For example, on Sharp devices, TCL began to install Roku TV OS. Also worth noting My Home Screenwhich Panasonic’s new TVs have.

What to Look for When Buying a Smart TV for Home

In order for the purchase not only to please the eye, but also to meet important parameters, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the appearance of the device;
  • its dimensions;
  • screen technology (there are plasma, LCD and LED TVs);
  • viewing angle;
  • sweep frequency;
  • availability of USB connectors;
  • LAN output (for connecting to a network without a built-in Wi-Fi modem).

Watching TV

How to choose the right TV size? In this regard, it is best to focus on the distance to the future location of the TV:

  • if the TV hangs a couple of meters from the viewing place, then it makes no sense to take a screen over 42 inches;
  • It is better to watch programs from a distance of 5-7 meters.

You can choose the optimal resolution depending on what exactly will be broadcast on the screen. Despite the advent of 4k TVs, FULL HD is still quite in demand and will remain so for 10 years — most modern TV content is filmed under this resolution. Update frequency for content from the network is also important. So that the picture does not interrupt, it is best to stop choosing devices with a frequency of 120 Hz.

The sound is also important, but the thinner the TV, the worse the speakers will work for it. Therefore, you will have to take care of connecting an additional speaker system.

Screen resolution

Which model to stay on

Although there are a lot of Smart TVs currently being produced, not all of them are of high quality. Therefore, when choosing a device, you should pay attention to leading brands.


TVs with webOS operating system. With version 3.0 or higher, the user gets access not only to the standard, but also to an additional set of options. So, Magic Zoom is useful for viewing small details in the picture. It allows you to enlarge a certain part of the screen. In addition, within the same Wi-Fi network, the user can connect the TV to any smartphone or tablet. This is useful for viewing personal photos, videos and listening to your favorite music.

LG Smart Share allows you to create a home network for file sharing

Owners of LG TVs with Smart function are positive about the Magic Motion remote control. It is controlled by the principle of a laser pointer. In addition, there are digital and ordinary buttons on the panel, which are necessary for standard and convenient operation.


The operating system for Samsung TVs is considered one of the best and most modern. Tizen is installed on all models released in 2015 and later. The operating system offers users the ability to exchange audio and video files via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can use the SmartView app for this.

In addition, if the user has a TV and a smartphone with a direct connection, he can watch Live TV anywhere that has access to the home network. The main advantage of this possibility is that the TV itself does not have to be turned on. Also, some of the latest Samsung models can be controlled by voice.


The vast majority of devices of this brand runs on the Android OS. This allows you to have access to a large number of channels and applications. In addition, the voice remote control allows you to control the capabilities of a smart home and even order food at home. Some models have a built-in Wi-Fi connection and the function of transferring content to devices compatible with the TV.


The TVs of the Chinese brand are powered by the Roku TV platform. This allows device owners to access several thousand different channels. Among them are YouTube and Netflix. All Haier models are fully compatible with other devices and computers.


Philips TVs run on Android OS. They have a lot of free apps. In addition, the smart system offers the user a selection of games, programs and movies based on their tastes and preferences.

Comparison of popular Sony and Samsung TVs will help you decide on the brand.

Device disadvantages

Users also note a number of some shortcomings of Smart TV. Among them:

  • inconveniently displayed information (small font located in unusual places);
  • a remote control that is not suitable for working on the Internet (it is very inconvenient to type an address from it) — it is better to use a special remote control for surfing or a wireless mouse.

With regard to ease of control, you should pay attention to the special Magic Motion remote control. With it, it is convenient to control what is happening on the screen using built-in sensors and sensors. According to the principle of its operation, such a remote control is similar to a laser pointer: the user directs it to the TV and is guided by the pointer that appears on the screen when choosing programs and applications.

In managing some models, a smartphone helps, on which you must first download a special application. The premium segment of devices has the ability to control using voice and gestures.

Magic Motion

Remote Magic Motion

And one more news from the world of technology — it doesn’t really matter what kind of TV is currently in your apartment, because it is also easy and simple to turn it into a smart one. To do this, it is enough to purchase a special set-top box (for example, Apple TV or ChromeCast), which will expand the capabilities of the device, and connect it in accordance with all the rules.

And in order to finally dot the choice of a smart TV, we suggest watching this video:


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