What vest to choose this spring?


1. Oxford
In the first place I wanted to put the Oxford men’s vest. Made from 100% polyamide. Color is black with red trim. A straight silhouette will not hinder movement during outdoor activities, outside the city. The vest is almost weightless and comfortable to wear. Ventilation is provided here, and a windproof lining will create strength and reliability.

2. «Breeze-2», blue
The second place is occupied by the men’s insulated vest «Breeze-2» on synthetic winterizer. The presence of a hood allows you to do without an umbrella during the rain, and also protects from strong gusts of wind. In addition to the zipper, rivets are made, creating additional reliability and aesthetics of the model. The jacket is made of blue polyamide with red trim. Embroidered Mowgear logo.

3. «Breeze-2», khaki
This model will be in demand among mushroom pickers, hunters, lovers of spending time in the forest. Green color merges with the surrounding nature. A convenient chest pocket with a zipper will allow you to store your phone, knife, flashlight. It is made very opportunely and is in demand during walks in the forest. In addition to the chest pocket, there are two zippered pockets on the sides, in which you can put any small things. The jacket is insulated with padding polyester, the lining is made of polyester.

4. «Blitz-2», dark blue
In fourth place, I would like to put the Blitz-2 men’s vest, made in a combined color. The front and back of the model is presented in a dark blue tint, and the trim on the pockets, the zipper is made in light green color. The vest will not hinder your movements. It is lightweight and comfortable. Suitable for everyday wear. The model fits perfectly into everyday life.

5. «Blitz-2», red
Fifth place is occupied by the Blitz-2 men’s vest of a bright red hue. This model is suitable for lovers of bright colors. The red color scheme will make you stand out from the everyday crowd. Composition — polyamide. This model does not have a chest pocket, only two zippered side pockets. Ironing of the product is prohibited. It is necessary to dry in a horizontal, straightened form. If you like to stand out from the crowd, then this model is for you.

6. «Blitz-2», blue
And concludes a number of men’s vests model «Blitz-2» blue. This men’s vest is sewn of blue fabric in combination with red inserts on the hood and zippers. A big plus of the model is the presence of a hood in the kit. There are decorative elements — this is the Mowgear logo. Insulated with synthetic winterizer, polyester lining. Maximum comfort and convenience in the process of wearing.

If you need a men’s insulated vest, then choose from these models. Each model will reliably protect from the weather, create coziness and comfort. You will feel confident, despite the vagaries of nature.


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