What applications should be installed on a smart watch on Android


Programs make electronics smart. It is useful diverse applications for smart watches that reveal the potential of the productive basis of the gadget and the Android Wear operating system. Many programs have been created for Android smartwatches, including a lot of high-quality application software, appreciated by modern users of applications for Chinese smartwatches.

By installing certain applications for smart watches, the owner of the gadget receives the following benefits.

  1. The device resources provided by the manufacturer are used to the maximum.
  2. Opening up new facets of the possibilities of watches on Android Wear.
  3. A budget device by estimated standards with an arsenal of additional programs turns into a mini-computer.

Recommended Apps for Android Wear

Some programs for smart watch can be free, others can be activated for a fee. According to the reviews of watch owners and the opinions of experts, top programs for smart watches have been compiled with a description of the features.

Evernote Wear

This application is ideal for those who like to leave notes. It doesn’t matter what they are about. The user can create reports, keep an event log, make lists of tasks or purchases. The application is also suitable for creative people. With it, you can write new chapters for a future novel or, if inspiration appears, poetry. It will also be useful in everyday life. It allows you to plan trips or leave notes about a future vacation. The application has a convenient search system, thanks to which you will not be able to forget about important things.


Of course, recently the weather forecast is available to any user of mobile gadgets. However, the app for smart watches is highly informative, excellent design and user-friendly interface. The program is suitable for those who need an accurate weather forecast with all the nuances. Here you can see the data for the week or the next couple of hours. The app shows temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, possible precipitation and more. And you can choose the current location or any other place on the map. This offer is ideal for travel lovers.


The app will be a good replacement for Google Fit. It is suitable for those who monitor their health. The program runs on Android Wear 2.0. It takes into account running and other types of physical exercises. When cycling or playing sports, it is not necessary to take a smartphone with you. With the Strava app, a smartwatch is enough.

Foursquare City Guide

Android Wear 2.0 gave the app a new design and some useful features. Thanks to this, it has become one of the best. The program allows you to easily and quickly search for interesting places, establishments with good food and drinks, as well as entertainment venues. A smartphone is required for the app to work. When searching for places, you can use filters that allow you to sort places into different categories.


Application for ordering a taxi, which can help out in difficult situations. Now you can not be afraid to miss the train or train. Uber works offline and allows you to book a taxi in advance, as well as see the cost and time of the trip. A smartphone is not required to use the app.


The search and appointment application is now available on smart watches. Management is very simple and understandable even for inexperienced users. Right from the watch, you can search for matches and reply to messages. To facilitate the use of the program, there is the possibility of voice commands.


On smartphones, there have long been many applications in which you can save your cards and no longer carry them in your wallet. Now such a program is also available to owners of smart watches. In almost any store, a reader can read card information directly from the watch display. This will allow you to receive all discounts and bonuses available to the user.

Level Money

If the user likes to control his expenses and know where his money goes, then Level Money just needs to be installed on a smart watch. The application allows you to monitor not only the current balance, but also expenses for the last days, weeks, months. In addition, you can analyze your expenses and understand where most of the money goes. The data is displayed in the form of charts, graphs or lists. The user himself decides in what form it will be more convenient for him to control costs.

Wear Audio Recorder

Useful and convenient application for those who prefer record and transmit voice messages, create voice memos for yourself, and if necessary, record other people’s speech, such as a lecture or answers to questions. With this program, you do not have to take out your smartphone and turn on audio recording on it. The program performs the same functionality on watches running Android Wear OS.

Wear Audio Recorder

Find My Phone

This application endows the clock lost mobile phone search function on the link, warns of a threatening connection interruption in the event that the smartphone is outside the active zone. The program provides for the setting of warning signals for various monitored events, the installation of ringtones. You can also use the flash. The sound of a familiar melody and a light signal will not allow you to leave your phone at home, at work, or forget it at a party, for example.

Find My Phone

Showear Or Lockable

This application for smart watches is recommended to use due to the lack of a wrist gadget screen lock/unlock interfacelike a smartphone. The program will automatically lock the screen when the gadget is in standby mode. The screen is unlocked by swiping your finger across the screen.

Showear Or Lockable

Advice! Using the simple Luminous Clock Chest utility, the owner can set a clock on the lock screen.

PixtoCam for Android Wear

Ordinary Android smart watch through this application can be used as remote viewfinder for the camera of a paired smartphone. Taking selfies, group shots with such an assistant is simplified: through the application on the watch, you can switch from the front to the rear camera and vice versa, control the zoom, take pictures. A live image from a mobile camera is available to the “photographer” on the watch, and any angle you like can be captured remotely by clicking on the corresponding icon on the screen of the wrist gadget.

PixtoCam for Android Wear

Stellio Music Player

The program is multimedia player control interface. In addition to the play, pause and rewind buttons, the user will have the functions of volume control, skipping and returning to skipped tracks. The user can organize the music content into albums, select the cover from the collection and name the collections of records.

Stellio Music Player

Calendar for Android Wear

The standard calendar in Android Wear only shows the events of the current day. To on a wrist gadget view weekly calendar, it is recommended to install an additional application. The proposed program, through the convenient Agenda service, will show all the required information for the week ahead right on the watch, and eliminate the need to get a smartphone for this purpose.

Calendar for Android Wear

Feel The Wear

By default, the watch vibrates when you receive a message or notification. This application will allow diversify the signal. With the help of appropriate settings in the application, the watch will react differently to receiving notifications from different sources, and the user, without looking at the watch, will be able to distinguish which notification came: mail, from a social network and SMS.

Feel The Wear


Installing this application on a smart watch is worth it for those who prefer to place food delivery orders at home. A convenient service will help you find the nearest restaurant or other institution that provides order delivery services and make an order. The program will receive delivery notifications, save order information for later viewing. The systematization of information allows the user to weed out the «bad» cuisine and mark the favorite establishments for selection.


Wear Mini Launcher

Navigation in smartwatches is unusual for users of Android smartphones: instead of a panel with application icons, you have to scroll through a long list to search. The proposed launcher is endowed with sliding panel with application icons. The panel is customizable by the user. The slide-out home screen also shows the battery level and allows you to adjust the brightness of the image.

Wear Mini Launcher


The main purpose of this application is to automate certain actions when certain conditions are met. The program provides users create buttons and assign certain functions to them. The button is created according to the selected trigger (condition) and a specific action is defined for it:

  • sending a welcome message to subscribers in the morning;
  • saving current pictures to Google Drive and many other algorithms of related instructions.


General sequence of installing additional programs

To install third-party programs on an Android watch, you need to perform the following sequence of steps.

  1. Synchronize your wrist gadget with your smartphone.
    Synchronizing the watch with a smartphone
  2. On your mobile phone, use the Google Play app store to search for the right app for Android Wear.
    Android Wear
  3. Download the selected watch program.
    Watch programs
  4. Initiate the installation with the appropriate action.
  5. Upon completion of the process, a shortcut to the program will appear in the menu of the wrist gadget for its quick launch.

Advice! It is recommended that before installing third-party applications, correlate the technical resources of your wrist gadget with the requirements of the program. «Heavy» applications may slow down or not start at all. Also, do not overload the gadget with programs for smart watches on Android, because performance can slow down significantly.

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