Well-maintained car: what tool to choose for cleaning discs


Car rims are exposed to serious impact during operation: bitumen, reagents, dirt, gasoline residues and dust from abrasion of brake pads. What will help to clean them most effectively? The answer to this question was «The best program.»

Proper and timely care of car discs is necessary to avoid deformation of the paintwork, rust, metal destruction and threats when driving due to a violation of the technical condition of the wheels.

You can solve this problem with the help of special tools. At a car wash, such a service will cost 500 rubles or more. You can save the family budget on caring for discs if you process them yourself.

What are car disc cleaners?

Shops offer a choice of two types of compounds for car wheel care:

  • alkaline;
  • acid.

Both the first and the second are presented in a cheap and expensive version, which in theory implies different efficiency. Let’s find out if this is true.

Also, experienced motorists claim that any bathroom cleaner will do just fine with dirt and rust on rims. Let’s test this «old-fashioned» method, taking cheap household chemicals for 200 rubles.

Which car disc cleaner to choose

To identify a favorite among the selected compositions, you need to conduct a series of experiments. They prepared several rims for them, which contain a sufficient amount of dirt, traces of bitumen and rust.

After applying the product, you need to wait a bit (the exact time is indicated on the package for each case) and then rinse the disc. So what did the checks reveal?

  1. Alkaline compounds did a good job with rust and light dirt, but could not dissolve the bitumen.
  2. Acidic wash off light dirt. Their effect on rust is less effective. At the same time, they completely dissolved the bitumen, and a cheap tool coped with this task no worse than an expensive one.

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Now we take another car disk and work it out with household chemicals. Let’s see which remedy will be more effective — folk or professional. After some waiting, it turned out that the «grandfather» method did not work at all. With the help of bathroom compositions, you can wash some light dirt, abrasive dust, but complex ones are beyond their power.

As a result, it turns out that there is simply no universal tool for cleaning car disks. To remove traces of bitumen, you will need an acid composition. And for rust — alkaline. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive solution. Cheap chemicals will do just as well. In addition, it is not so aggressive, it will not corrode the paint and rubber of the car.


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