Wall shelves. What are the advantages? How to make an ordinary shelf original?


wall shelf suitable for use in any room, It helps to save on the purchase of a wardrobe and can become a “highlight” of the interior.

Advantages wall hanging shelves:

  • Replacing bookcases and chests of drawers — the shelves look compact and original. They can be placed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or loggia.
  • Favorable price — cheaper than other furniture, you can buy gradually.
  • Universal — suitable for placing any household items, including flowers.
  • Save space and visually expand the space.

What are decorative wall shelves?

  • Classic. Widespread and familiar. Mounted on a flat wall, can have various shapes and sizes. According to the type of structure, they are divided into single-tier and multi-tier. Easy to install, fixed with a support.
  • Corner. Suitable for small spaces (bathrooms, pantries). They use an uncomfortable space where it is difficult to place standard furniture.
  • Suspended. The most original and modern. They are fixed with hooks, chains, ropes or temporary fasteners. They help to diversify the interior, bring a fresh touch to it.

How to make an original from a simple shelf

It is not necessary to purchase fancy shelves to update the decor. You can use improvised means. So you will make a unique product that will emphasize your individuality.

To give an unusual texture to a simple wooden shelf, decorate it with decoupage or decorative tape. The product will look original on the wall of a neutral shade.

You can decorate with textiles and leave hanging scarves with patterns, which will resemble the Provence style and add comfort.

If you place additional sources of lighting on the shelf (garland, lamps, candles), the room will acquire an element of mystery.

For a competent design of the space, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Arrange on the shelf items that are pleasant to you. It can be photographs, a vase of flowers, jewelry. Wicker things look original: caskets, baskets.
  • Make sure that there are no more than 3 shades suitable for the interior. One neutral (white, black, gray) does not count.
  • Leave free space on the shelf so that items do not look crowded.
  • Arrange things of the same type according to the rule of a triangle, not necessarily equilateral.
  • If the rack consists of several shelves, place heavy and bulky things at the bottom, and more elegant and small things at the top.

Experiment with decorating your interior. Wooden decorative wall shelves or other material will become the best helpers.


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