Vape is bitter in the throat: causes of the problem, what to do


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. This modern way of smoking is considered more harmless than the traditional one. In addition, the taste of e-liquid can be different due to the use of flavors. But sometimes an unpleasant situation arises: the purchased vape is bitter. The reasons for this phenomenon and ways to eliminate it are in the article below.

Why does an electronic cigarette burn?

The reason for the appearance of bitterness when smoking a vape can be mechanical in nature, but much more often it lies in the composition of the liquid or the manner of smoking — too intense puffs can provoke an unpleasant aftertaste.

To understand why this effect occurs, you should understand the device and the principle of operation of an electronic cigarette. The liquid enters the spiral through a special thread or wick. After contact with a hot coil, it evaporates, and the same vapor appears that the smoker inhales. If a a lot of liquid (the user inhales too much), then it may not have time to evaporate and burns to the spiral, which causes a bitter aftertaste.

intense vape puff

Too much smoking leads to a bitter taste

Finding a reason

When bitterness occurs during smoking, the characteristics of the liquid should first be considered.

  1. Content is too thick — most often this happens if the liquid is made independently. Due to the consistency, it does not have time to evaporate and burns to the spiral.
  2. Poor quality nicotine — if the liquid is cheap, then the substances included in its composition are not of high quality and can burn.
  3. If included in no distilled wateror it is not enough (typical for Chinese compositions), then the wick dries out too quickly and provokes bitterness.
vape liquid

The “wrong” liquid is a common cause of bitter aftertaste when vaping

If you inhale the steam too often, it can also provoke the appearance of burning. The reason is simple — the wick does not have time to soak in the liquid and starts to burn.

According to experienced vapers, it is wrong to inhale more than once every 10 seconds.

There are constructive reasons for the appearance of bitterness during smoking.

  1. dilapidated wick. If it is used for a long time without replacement, then it becomes frayed over time and is not impregnated as needed.
  2. On a spiral got trash.
  3. The evaporator operates with low resistance, resulting in coil overheating — you need to either replace the element or adjust it.
  4. Dirt appeared on the spiral — occurs due to too long smoking without a break.
  5. Winding done incorrectly — this often provokes burning and the appearance of aftertaste.
spiral winding

Coiling by a beginner can be done incorrectly and the vape will taste bitter

How to get rid of bitter taste

If the electronic cigarette is bitter, then the following actions should be taken:

  • wash the atomizer in cold water — it will help eliminate carbon deposits;
  • after washing, it should be shaken out and wiped with a lint-free cloth to clean the coil;
  • the atomizer is connected to the vape battery without a cartridge;
  • purge several times until auto-on is activated;
  • smoking liquid is poured;
  • it is checked whether the aftertaste of burning has been eliminated.
flushing the atomizer

Flushing the atomizer is one way to get rid of bitterness

Other ways to fix the problem

If the above recommendations did not help, then you can take a number of actions.

If the taste is caused by a dry wick, and the top coil is in the vape, then you can tilt your deviceto moisten the wick properly.

If this does not help, then you can consider the second option — the coil has become unusable due to too long time. If you use the vape for a long time and do not change the details, then this may well cause a taste of bitterness. Replacing the coil help get rid of it.

Sometimes the bitterness problem is caused by the operating temperature of the vape. In this situation, it is worth buying a mod with temperature control. It is not very expensive, but often solves the problem. It is better to choose the mod whose coil is made of steel, nickel or titanium.

mod with adjustment

Mod with adjustment

Sometimes the taste of bitterness in an electronic cigarette is eliminated power reduction. High power can cause the coil to burn out, and this, in turn, provokes bitterness. Experienced vapers recommend experimentally choosing the power at which the vapor turns out to be as tasty as possible, and stop at it.

If the above methods did not help, you should try to remove the carbon deposits.

Carbon removal

To get rid of soot, you need to clean the filament. With self-removal of soot, proceed as follows:

  • cool the vape;
  • disassemble the atomizer;
  • get a spiral;
  • put it in an alcohol solution that will dissolve soot;
  • clean the openings of the ventilation ducts and other contaminated parts;
  • collect the device back.

If the electronic cigarette is still bitter, then the steam generator should rinse with a water jet from the tap for 30 s. Then it must be dried and connected to the battery (not only the atom, but the entire device should be switched). Next, purge the evaporator 6 times by pressing the button. After the wick is inserted, the cigarette is collected, the liquid is poured.

If all the manipulations did not lead to the desired result (which is unlikely), then you will need to contact the service center or purchase a new device.

Recommendations for the correct use of a vape

To practically eliminate the possibility of bitterness, you should do regular preventive maintenance of the device and use it correctly. For this you need:

  • monitor the condition of the filter, replace it if necessary;
  • do not soar until the liquid is completely consumed;
  • maintain pauses between puffs, and better — less often soar;
  • once a week, inspect and clean the electronic cigarette;
  • store the device in an upright position, in a dry and clean place;
  • close the hole for soaring with a cap;
  • use high-quality liquid and devices from well-known brands;
  • when replacing the wick yourself, use special cotton wool.

Using special cotton

Advice! In order for an electronic cigarette to work properly, the causes of problems should be eliminated, and not their consequence — soot. Only if there is a serious defect will the product need to be replaced. Periodic cleaning and compliance with the operating rules set out in the instructions is a practical guarantee of the durability of the device.

An electronic cigarette designed to replace conventional tobacco products is not immune to breakage. Unpleasant taste sensations may occur when using poor quality e-liquid even when using branded products, new electronic cigarettes. But, basically, problems appear after a while due to the formation of deposits on the filament. The reasons for this phenomenon are various, but regular cleaning will help get rid of bitterness. It is best to minimize the nicotine content in e-liquid — this will have a beneficial effect on health.


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