Sadhu board: how to stand on nails for the first time?


Do you urgently need nails, or how to start?

We will tell you everything point by point and put it on the shelves.


▪️Place the board with nails on a flat surface

▪️If you wish, turn on pleasant music

▪️Focus on the question you want to answer


▪️With bare feet, you need to stand on a board with nails. Better if this is your first time, have someone help you up by holding your hands. You can stand alone, holding on to some kind of support (table, wall, tree …)

▪️Fix with your gaze at an arbitrary point in front of you, try to think only about the question posed

▪️ Press the tongue to the palate, remove thoughts and try to relax (do not strain)

▪️ Breathing rate — arbitrary


If you understand that you cannot relax, thoughts are rushing around in your head and you don’t feel anything except for pain, then we advise you to end the practice and return to the question later, or with a guide who will help you find answers.


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