Note to parents: how can you diversify the working days of a teacher?


Teachers are always busy with social work — either at seminars, or advanced training, or you need to check notebooks, or fill out documentation with reports …

From morning to evening at school with children. Here, sometimes you can’t agree with your own people, but there are hundreds at school … Some are still engaged in tutoring. But you can give the teacher the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle and drink tea in peace!

Do you know how many times a teacher will remember you with a kind word while drinking a fragrant, invigorating drink? Yes, as many as there are flavors in it! Until everyone tries!

In these bouquets there are 5 types of loose tea, 40 grams each, in assortment. These are 60 cups of cheerfulness and good mood.

The bouquet looks like a composition of flowers, but has a longer shelf life. Gives benefits and saves the teacher from unnecessary care. It remains only to cut the film on top, get a fragrant drink and enjoy the exquisite taste.

And a great start to the new school year!


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