Not sure which bib to choose for feeding your baby? We will help you


Children’s bibs, being an item of children’s clothing, are no longer needed by children, but by their parents. This small piece of fabric covers the baby’s chest and tummy, protecting clothes from children’s saliva and food.

When does a bib become necessary?

For many parents who are just preparing for the birth of their first child, the question arises: when will you need a bib? Maybe it does not apply to essential accessories? Perhaps he will be needed later — when their child begins to eat and drink on his own?

The experience of those who have already decided this question for themselves in practice says: get a bib in advance. At different stages of development of children, it protects clothes from various kinds of pollution:

— many newborns are characterized by periodic spitting up, and bibs help keep clothes clean;

— when the baby gets a little older — his teeth begin to cut, and drooling flows like an endless river, falling, again, on a bib instead of an elegant suit or a dress worn for the first time;

— with the introduction of complementary foods, the period of feeding the baby from bottles and spoons begins. During this period, the bib becomes truly in demand, trapping particles of food and liquids;

— At the age of about one year, children begin to show interest in independent nutrition. This is the time when, without the protection of clothing, you will change your child after each meal. With no exceptions.

How many bibs does a child need? Given the heavy use of this piece of clothing, it is best to have at least two copies of it at home. Better — more, taking into account your capabilities and children’s needs. This is a useful thing not only at home, but also on a walk or at a party, during long family trips.

Choosing a material

traditional textile everything is the same as in the old days, it is widely used in the manufacture of such products. Soft, safe and practical, it is perfect for the little ones. After all, knitwear or terry cloth, which are used in the manufacture of bibs, perfectly absorb saliva and milk that a baby can burp.

The use of oilcloth justified when the child is dealing with large amounts of water, juices and other drinks. Oilcloth bib repels water and does not get wet.

Plastic they are used everywhere, it has not done in the production of bibs. Models made of various types of plastic, as well as silicone, have a special pocket into which food falls. They are intended primarily for children who are learning to eat on their own.

Combined bibs in most cases they consist of an outer fabric layer with an oilcloth lining. Such products do not get wet, are pleasant to the touch, and are liked by both parents and little dirty ones.

What size bib should I choose?

When choosing this item of children’s clothing, size is important in the sense that the bib should perform its function well — to protect clothes from soiling. On the other hand, depending on the material, a size that is too large will be uncomfortable for the baby, and can be easily removed.

If you do not want to buy a bib of the wrong size — take measurements from your crumbs and compare with the sizes indicated in the description of the model you like. Solving the problem of greater protection with older children is easier not by size, but by the type of bib — buy an apron or raincoat, and your baby’s beautiful clothes will be reliably protected.


1. Waterproof oilcloth with a large pocket for accumulation of food, saliva, just wipe with a damp cloth or wash under running water, can be washed in a dishwasher, the material is hypoallergenic and harmless to the child, do not miss the opportunity to purchase at a discount !!!

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