Loafers — how did they appear?


In the photo loafers in art. 62874277 and Art. 62874276

Few people know, but the history of this popular shoe model begins at the beginning of the last century … Norwegian shoemaker Nils Gregorijusson Tveranger learned this skill in the United States and, returning to his homeland in 1930, came up with them — loafers.

The design combined elements of Indian moccasins and classic Norwegian fishermen’s shoes. Convenient, light and practical model quickly fell in love and began to be actively sold in the tourist cities of Europe. It is noteworthy that then it was mostly American tourists who bought it, giving the loafers popularity across the ocean.

The very name — loafers — appeared already thanks to the American Spalding family from New Hampshire, who launched their production of shoes of this model. Originally it was called «Aurland shoes». It is also interesting that initially loafers were worn mainly at home, only later they became a full-fledged and integral part of everyday wardrobe.And by 1960, thanks to the Gucci fashion house, loafers became more elegant and began to be combined with exquisite suits and evening dresses.

Now loafers are in the model line of almost every shoe brand, and Pontino is no exception.Shoes of this brand made of soft genuine leather are ideally combined with any wardrobe and feel great even with long wear.

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