Korean face toner: why use and how to apply?


Proper facial care helps women not only stay young longer, but also look fresh and rested every day. One of the main products in facial care is toner. Today we want to tell you about WHAMISA toners, a premium brand from South Korea.

What is a toner?

Toner is the first and most important step in moisturizing, nourishing and toning. The composition of the toner contains a large number of components that restore the water balance of the skin. It is important to apply the toner to the skin within the first 3 seconds after you wash your face. You don’t need to wipe or soak it.

What does a toner do?

It instantly and deeply moisturizes the dermis after the cleansing stage, protects the skin from moisture loss, and also prepares it for the application of cosmetics. For example, many creams contain moisture-retaining ingredients, and if you use a toner before applying the cream, the cream will work better. The toner also neutralizes the negative effects of tap water, thereby restoring the natural pH of the skin.

In the WHAMISA assortment there are as many as 3 options for this category of products:

  • Original toner based on flower enzymes. It contains 97.95% ingredients of organic origin. It easily and effectively restores the optimal water balance of the skin. Organic extracts soothe it and prepare it for the next step of moisturizing. The peculiarity of this toner is that it is suitable for all skin types.
  • A rich toner based on floral enzymes. It contains 97.40% ingredients of organic origin. The product has a comfortable serum consistency that nourishes, cleanses and revitalizes the skin. The toner also neutralizes the negative effects of tap water and prolongs the moisturizing effect. This option is ideal for dry and normal skin.
  • Refreshing toner based on flower enzymes. It contains 97.96% ingredients of organic origin. In addition to the main action, the product revitalizes and tones the skin, narrowing its pores. This toner will perfect the skin of oily and combination types.

How to apply toner?

After you have cleansed your skin, apply a small amount of toner to your palms. Spread evenly over face, neck and décolleté with fingertips. Let the toner absorb. Toner can and should be used daily in the morning and evening. Whamisa lotion and/or moisturizer is recommended after toner.

What is the 7 step approach to skincare?

The Korean skincare philosophy uses a 7-step approach when applying toner. It involves the gradual and repeated application of the product:

  1. After make-up remover, you apply the toner for the first time with a cotton pad, removing any remaining impurities.
  2. Reapplication of toner with a cotton pad is the final cleansing.
  3. The third stage requires exposure within 3 minutes after the second stage. After this time, the toner is applied with your hands, lightly patting the skin with your fingers. Such a light massage will help the product to be better absorbed.
  4. Next, we repeat the exposure of three minutes and carry out the procedure for applying the toner 4 more times, each time maintaining a pause before applying.

What gives such an approach?

Thanks to the gradual application, the skin completely gets rid of ballast substances. It is also most fully saturated with moisture, which prevents the main factor of aging — dehydration.

Why is WHAMISA cosmetics good?

The unique technology allows the use of up to 99% of organic raw materials from certified plantations in the composition of products, without the use of preservatives and harmful substances. As a result of a complex chemical process, the molecules of organic ingredients are broken down and reduced, thus increasing the concentration of beneficial substances and enhancing the effect on the skin. In the production of Whamisa cosmetics, an anhydrous base is used, obtained from organic plants — aloe vera juice, chrysanthemum, natural oils and medicinal plants.

The cosmetics are suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.

Whamisa cosmetics provide balanced care for all skin types in a simple daily beauty ritual.


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