How to test headphones with a microphone on a computer


The microphone is an important part of any modern gadget. It becomes especially popular when it is necessary to communicate via Skype or when recording audio. It is good if it is already built into the device, but sometimes it is much more convenient to purchase this auxiliary item separately, for example, complete with headphones. This will allow you to hear the interlocutor, talk to him and at the same time create a minimum of inconvenience to others. In order to understand how the kit works and check its correct operation, it is enough to connect headphones with a microphone to the connector located on the computer.

Methods for checking the microphone

There are the following basic verification methods:

  • using the Windows operating system;
  • recording sound;
  • via skype;
  • online.


Standard Windows tools

For Windows 7 check is done like this.

  1. In the control panel, you should find the «sound» tab, and in it «recording».
  2. Find the connected equipment and make sure that there is a tick in the green circle (device is working). It also checks if there is an audio bar while talking into the microphone. If there is a reaction, then it works.
  3. After selecting the desired device, you should click on its properties and in the first tab (general) make sure that the controller is present, and that the input to which the device is connected is activated.
  4. Additionally, you need to open the “listen” tab and click on “listen from this device”.
  5. After the paragraph above, the required device is indicated and it is checked whether there is sound after recording.
Sound menu entry tab windows 7

The sound bar should work when checking the microphone

On Windows 10:

  • in the tray you should find the speaker symbol;
  • the menu «recording devices» opens, and in it «sounds»;
  • the “record” tab is selected and the performance of the microphone is checked by the reaction of the scale;
  • if the reaction is weak, then it needs to be strengthened — for this, the field with the device should be selected and click on the «properties» button;
  • then the «levels» tab is selected, and the volume is changed by dragging the slider.
    windows 10 microphone settings

    Microphone sound levels in Windows 10

It is worth knowing that in this tab you can adjust the sound so that in the event of a call, the volume of a movie, music or other content will automatically decrease and will not interfere with talking.

Recording sound

Audio recording will also help you test the microphone on your headphones. In order to do this, you need to go to «Start», select «Standard programs», the item «Sound recording» and in the window that opens, click on «Start recording». After that, we record and save the resulting file in any convenient place. After opening the file, you can listen to the sound and its quality both through headphones and speakers.

Via Skype

Another very convenient way to check the headset is to do it via Skype, whether you use this application in reality or not. You can make an express version of the check, or you can spend a little more time. In the first case, it is enough to select any contact from your address book and click on the “Data on the quality of communication” item. In the window that opens, you need to select your microphone option and click the «Check» button, after a few moments of recording, the resulting audio will be played back.

Sound settings in Skype

In addition to the above option, you can dial through a special call record quality control service. To do this, select «Echo / Sound Test Service» and make a call. The recording lasts 8-10 seconds and plays back after a while. Naturally, in order to use this option, you need Internet access.

Skype sound test

In Skype, you can also adjust the volume. This is done through the regulators, which are switched from automatic settings to manual mode by default (uncheck the box “Automatic adjustment”), after which all the necessary parameters can be set by yourself. It is better to do this right during a conversation with one of your friends.

Online check

For those who do not like built-in verification utilities, there is an alternative — online verification.

  1. In the browser, the request “check the microphone online” is driven in.
  2. Next, you should find the button to enable voice recording.
  3. Sometimes the service asks for permission to process data, if so, then it should be issued.
  4. The last stage of the test is to speak into the microphone and see the service’s assessment of the quality of the connection.
microphone check online

Online microphone test service

These simple steps will help you check the performance of your working set of headphones and microphone in order to understand whether it is suitable for further use or not. As you can see, the check will not take much time, and you can easily handle it yourself.

Why is the microphone not working?

If the microphone on the headset has stopped transmitting sound, then the failure may be caused by a physical breakdown or software (software) errors.

Hardware faults:

  • broken cable;
  • faulty socket in PC;
  • defective accessory;
  • the device is not turned on on the remote control.

Software malfunctions can be of the following nature.

  1. If the accessory is connected to the front panel of the PC, then you should check the port assignment. By default, the microphone is connected to the pink jack.
  2. There are no up-to-date drivers, or none at all.
  3. Application conflict. If one program uses a microphone to record voice, then it can block it for other software.
  4. Sound card failure. The card may be forcibly disabled in Windows, or it may not be allowed to use external devices.


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