How to stick protective glass yourself


For the New Year, many will either give or receive new phones as a gift. On a new device, it is especially unpleasant to see scratches, and it is especially scary to drop it. There is a simple way out: add accessories to the gift (or purchase it yourself) that can prolong its “youth”. Not so long ago we wrote about silicone cases; Let’s continue the topic with a review of protective glasses.

What protects better: glass or film?

Each type of protection has its own advantages and limitations.

Advantages of a protective film

The film is usually cheaper, and you can buy several at once just in case. It protects the screen from many small scratches. In addition, the film is thinner than glass, and does not thicken the device.

The limitations include some difficulty in gluing. To get it without dust particles and bubbles, you need patience and a willingness to ironically follow the instructions.

Advantages of protective glass

Tempered glass will protect the screen even if the phone falls from a height of up to one and a half meters. It is much easier to glue it than a film, and you can easily handle it yourself without contacting a consultant in the salon (although the instructions must also be followed, and below we will tell you what points you should pay special attention to).

How to stick protective glass yourself

— First: prepare everything you need at once so that it is at hand. Typically, the kit with glass includes stickers to remove dust particles and a degreasing cloth. By the way, you should choose a place where there is less dust, for example, a room that is well ventilated.

— Second: treat the screen with an alcohol wipe from those that come with the glass. After that, wipe the screen dry with a second napkin (usually manufacturers mark them with numbers).

— Third: attach the protective glass to the phone with an adhesive layer to the screen and position it evenly. Attention: the film does not need to be peeled off yet! Stick stickers on top so that three pieces on one side and one on the other attach the film to the phone. Make sure everything is even. Peel off the sticker from the side where it is alone so that it hangs freely in the air. You will end up with something like a hinged door, where the glass is the «door» and the stickers are the «hinges».

— Fourth: open the «door». Once again, go over the phone with a napkin so that there are no dust particles.

— Fifth: remove the film from the glass. Carefully cover the screen with glass; stickers will make sure that it lies exactly the way you stuck it. Press the glass in the center of the screen to secure it.

— Sixth: Peel off the stickers and once again walk across the screen with a dry cloth. Ready!


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