How to save new shoes if you have paws?


Super tips from our RESOLVE shoe cleaning team without registration and SMS!

  • If you fall under rain or stepped into a puddle, then do not rush to put your shoes on the battery. It is better to put ordinary rice in a linen or cotton bag and place it in your shoes. Rice absorbs moisture well, and a couple of drops of eucalyptus or fir essential oil will also help to cope with an unpleasant odor. If you have a cat at home, use rice instead cat litter: it will remove excess moisture no worse.
  • Daily use spoons — a very good and useful habit that prevents many problems. Do not neglect the spoon, without it, the heel quickly collapses and loses its shape, and the shoes cease to fix the ankle joint, which can cause injuries and blisters. If you don’t have a spoon at hand, use (no, a cat won’t fit here…) any plastic discount card (MasterCard is now only suitable for this XDD). It bends easily and slides well.
  • For the care of fleecy materials, the usual eraser. When rubbing against the surface, the eraser crumbles and penetrates deep into the pile, the crumbs cling to dust and dirt and “leave” suede or nubuck along with dirt. Then the crumbs need to be cleaned with a shoe brush. Manicure nail file (probably in the house if the wife does not sharpen her claws at home with the cat) also copes well with stains, but you need to be more careful with it so as not to damage the shoes.

And in order to have something to clean — rather go to our catalog of men’s shoes from the RESOLVE brand [https://www.wildberries.ru/brands/resolve] and choose your pair. Your feet are in our safe hands!


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