How to properly apply water repellent


There are situations when we are forced to go outside regardless of weather conditions. And it is not always possible to open an umbrella over your head, and rubber boots are not suitable for every look. Then protective impregnations come to the rescue. Good impregnation does not spoil the thing on which it is applied, has a water-repellent effect and is easy to apply.

There are two types of impregnations: water-based and organic solvents. Everyone knows what water is, and organic solvents are volatile organic chemicals. Water-based impregnations are safe, odorless and environmentally friendly. Impregnations based on organic solvents have a smell, but in addition to the hydrophilic effect, they also repel dirt. In addition to the composition, these products differ in the speed of drying after application.

But it is necessary to choose impregnation not only in composition, but also in the field of application. For example, a grease-based leather coat cleaner will ruin suede shoes. In order not to litter the cabinets and not confuse the bottles, it makes sense to purchase a universal-purpose impregnation.

But even universal impregnation must be able to be applied correctly in order for it to work. Proper use of the product guarantees not only a water-repellent effect, but also works as a protection against dirt. This does not mean that the thing will always look new, however, the dirt will be removed easily and often without any additional funds.

It is necessary to apply the impregnation only on a clean and dry item, ideally if you use the impregnation immediately after purchasing the item. It is imperative that you carefully read the instructions and follow them during processing. Depending on the form of release, the impregnation is carefully sprayed evenly over the surface or applied in any other way. After processing the thing, it must be allowed to dry naturally, for as long as indicated in the instructions. It could be 30 minutes, or it could be 24 hours. In the event that delicate materials are treated, it is recommended to repeat the treatment after drying to consolidate the result.

So let’s sum it up. If you do not neglect these simple rules:

Use only on clean and dry clothes

Apply evenly over the entire surface

Allow time for the primer to dry

your things will serve you for a long time, and their protection will be reliable.


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