How to organize, move and delete channels on Tricolor TV


Tricolor TV is a very popular digital satellite TV operator. The company offers hundreds of TV channels in various service packages. In order not to get confused in all this diversity, it is worth sorting the channels. You can do this both alphabetically and according to some of your criteria. Below we will consider how to arrange the list of channels on Tricolor TV.

Sort channel list alphabetically

To sort the list of channels alphabetically, you must follow the following algorithm.

  1. On the TV turned on, you need to exit the menu of tuned channels by pressing the «ok» button on the control panel.
  2. Inside this window, press the green F2 key.
  3. In response to the user’s actions, a menu will open in which you should select the character (letter) by which you would like to order the channels.
  4. To fix the selected option, you must click on the «ok» button.
  5. Next, you need to exit the menu (the «exit» button), the result of the operation will remain saved.

sorting channels alphabetically Tricolor

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Compiling a list of favorite channels

The user of the «dish» has the ability to create personal lists of channels, adding there those that are of interest to him. This can be done through the «menu» button by selecting the «channels» column in the pop-up list, and then going to the «arrange favorites» line.

There are 5 lists from the manufacturer in the settings (“new1”, “new2” and so on). The names of the lists can be changed to custom ones manually, for example, «children’s channels», «sports» and others. You can do it like this.

  1. Use the direction keys (arrows) to navigate to the desired list and go to it by pressing the F4 key.
  2. Alphanumeric keys prescribe the author’s name of the group. It will take a long time to do this, so each letter in the word must be fixed with the “ok” key. Spelling and other errors are corrected with the F1 button (the wrong character is deleted and the correct one is entered).
  3. The new author’s group name is saved by pressing the «F2» key.

channel lists on tricolor

Using this algorithm as a guide, you can create your own channel groups. Replenish the list of channels within the group and sort them as follows.

  1. The previously created list must be opened. At the same time, a table will appear on the TV: in the right column there will be a list of all channels that can be viewed by subscription, in the left column there will be a freshly created list.
  2. The channel of interest to the user is highlighted in the right column and moved to the left column using the F2 key.
  3. So it is necessary to do with all the necessary channels.

If needed move channels (swap), you need to do the following.

  1. Using the keys on the remote control, a channel is selected, while the F2 button moves, and F4 deletes the channels.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to move the channel up/down in the menu.
  3. The result of the operation is fixed with the enter key.

channel group editing

Attention: in some models of receivers, the channels are pre-installed and divided into groups depending on the topic. These settings cannot be changed. If a new software version is installed on the receiver, this option may not be available.

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Moving and Swapping Channels

Owners of the Tricolor receiver have the ability to adjust the channel menu: change their sequence, arbitrarily move. It is done like this.

  1. In the general menu, go to the subsection with editing channels (you need to look for «channel editor» or «channel manager»). Select it with the OK key.
  2. In response, a menu pops up listing the channel. The selection is confirmed again by pressing «ok».
  3. In this window (it is usually highlighted in yellow), editing is selected (it is a move).
  4. In response, the system will ask for a password. By default, it is programmed to the value «0000».
  5. In the lower menu, select the “move” option (in some models, “move”).
  6. In response, a pointer will pop up, allowing you to move the channels through the menu.
  7. It is necessary to click on the channel to be moved and confirm the selection with the «ok» button.

menu organize channels tricolor

Editing and deleting channels

Over time, the custom channel menu grows to an uncomfortable size and becomes more of a mess than a system. Interests change, some channels stop broadcasting or change the grid, as a result, part of the menu becomes unclaimed at all. In Tricolor, it is possible to adjust the menu: remove unnecessary channels, and raise those that are in demand higher.

Attention: this option is available only to those who have an old-style receiver.

To edit the list of channels or delete some of them, you should proceed as follows.

  1. Go to the main menu, there click on the «arrange favorites» button (in some models, «channel organization»).
  2. With the help of the red button on the remote control, you can remove a whole list consisting entirely of unnecessary channels.
  3. For convenience, you can sort the channels alphabetically using the yellow button on the remote control, and then delete the channels selectively with the «ok» key.
  4. Before exiting the menu, the result of the correction must be saved.

In some models of the Tricolor set-top box, there is protection against unauthorized interference. They ask for a password during such manipulations. By default, it is set to «0000». In newer models, there is no way to remove unnecessary channels from the lists, they can only be blocked. In this case, you will also need to enter the password «0000» to confirm the actions. Blocked channels will be in the list but become inactive. For the convenience of using the menu, it is recommended to move such channels to the bottom of the list.

tricolor channel blocking

To block the channel, you must act according to the algorithm.

  1. Exit to the menu, then go to the «settings» window. To gain access to further actions, the password «0000» is entered.
  2. Select the «Channel Management» menu item.
  3. Using the keys «up» and «down» in the list, select an unnecessary channel and block it with the yellow key on the remote control.
  4. Next, you need to exit the menu (“exit”), saving the result of the actions.

All Tricolor consoles provide opportunities for renaming channels and forming thematic lists. In equipment with new firmware, you will not be able to delete unnecessary channels. But after blocking, they are not visible in the general list of channels and do not interfere, and you can view them only from the main menu.

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Tuning algorithms on the example of specific models

The provider has two main variants of receivers presented for signal transmission, first of all, these are the GS 8605/06/07/08 models, as well as the GS 210, 510, E501/591 series. Depending on the model of the receiver, the question is how to arrange the channels on a TV set to Tricolor TV. As a rule, all settings need to be done once during the initial installation. This process is simple, everyone can do it on their own.

Setting up for GS 8605/06/07/08

On such devices, the panel has a function TV organizations. With its help, you can change the names, view the parameters of the functioning of each channel. And there is a special menu item «Organize Favorites», which allows you to move the program from one position to another, creating the so-called favorite groups.

The «Organize Favorites» item opens as follows:

  1. Press «MENU».
  2. Using the buttons «VOLUME» and «CHANNEL», we find the item «CHANNELS».
  3. We press OK.
  4. We see on the screen a menu with 2 sub-items, where we select «ORDER FAVORITES».
  5. We press OK.

At the heart of the menu in the original version, there are 5 favorite groups. You have the option to change their names and swap positions inside.

Setting channels from the main menu

To do this, do the following.

  1. Using the selection buttons on the remote control, we find the desired list, which we will rename, press the F button
  2. After we jumped to the on-screen version of the keyboard, using the program and sound control buttons, we select combinations of letters and symbols. If the letter is chosen incorrectly, we erase it through F1, to change the layout we use F
  3. We press OK.
  4. With the rest of the groups, if necessary, we do the same.
  5. We form the list itself. Use the selection buttons to find the one that we will form and click OK.
  6. To move the desired programs from the right side of the «ALL CHANNELS» menu that opens to the favorite list, use the selection keys on the remote control and F
  7. After all the necessary channels are added, they can be swapped with each other. We do this with the brute-force keys, find the desired one, press F
  8. To remove the excess use F
  9. Press the «EXIT» button on the remote control.
  10. To view the newly created groups, select “OK, and then F. The menu we need opens, allowing you to select the desired group.

Tuning on receivers GS E501/591, GS U510; GS U210

Newer receiver models have pre-formatted lists that cannot be manipulated. However, there is always the possibility of creating your group, where you can customize the titles and sequence of programs you prefer. All this is done through the menu item «Channel Editor».

The procedure is as follows:

  1. We select the «MENU» key, after which the arrows «RIGHT» and «LEFT» stop on «APPLICATIONS».
  2. Click «OK».
  3. We find the item «CHANNEL EDITOR», use the «UP / DOWN», «RIGHT / LEFT» buttons on the remote control for this, open a window for creating a favorite list.
  4. By pressing F2, we open the on-screen keyboard, with which we type the name of our future sequence.
  5. Save the selected name with F
  6. Having moved the cursor to the formed group, press F. On the right we see the sequence of all programs.
  7. Select the required one and click OK.
  8. After that, select F2 again, jump to the list, find it, click «OK» and so on. We perform similar actions for as long as we need.
  9. Through F1 we ​​move the channels. To do this, select the desired object with the cursor and select F Using the UP / DOWN arrows on the remote control, set the program to the desired place in the sequence and click OK.
  10. After the formation of the list, we leave the «EDITOR» by repeatedly pressing the «EXIT» button on the remote control.
  11. Using F4 on the left, we find the group we just created and click OK.

Creating a Favorite Channel List

In total, there can be up to 15 such groups on GS E501/591, GS U510, GS U210 receivers.

In the event that you could not make the settings on your TV yourself, you can always contact Tricolor TV specialists for help. The advantages of choosing a provider with a large coverage area are the ability to quickly solve any problem that has arisen and the quality of the services provided, which excludes the possibility of such situations to the maximum. Therefore, if you do not have a Tricolor signal, error 0 or error 10 occurs, it would be most reasonable to contact the technical support service for subscribers for help.


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