How to make a TV out of a laptop: setting up IPTV


There are many reasons why a PC is an indispensable device in everyday life. It is used for both work and entertainment, and it is not limited to PC games. The range of its operation is large, and one of its advantages is the ability to watch TV channels. A laptop may well be a mobile TV — consider how to do this, and what can come of it.

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Can I connect a DVB T2 digital set-top box to a laptop

Speaking purely technically, it is impossible to connect a laptop and a digital set-top box to watch TV programs on the display without additional devices. The tuner has video outputs. And the laptop has no inputs. Therefore, for conjugation need an intermediary.

Today it will not be difficult to buy the so-called video capture device. It connects to the laptop’s USB port. Using the application, the user can watch the video on the display by changing channels on the digital set-top box. The laptop turns into a TV.

video capture adapter

Video capture adapter

The cost of a capture device on Aliexpress or other global sites is around $10. However, it has a lot of shortcomings. The first — signal quality. The USB port is not fast enough to transfer large amounts of data. Therefore, users are encouraged to be content with the picture that is displayed on analog TVs.

More advanced options TV tuner with signal capture function. The device is significantly more expensive, the price tag starts at 2000 rubles. The user receives an acceptable image. And this is where the advantages of the tuner end.

To watch TV programs on a laptop, you will need an application from an intermediary equipment manufacturer or any streaming video player. However, if the user has access to a sufficiently high-speed Internet channel, it simply does not make sense to mess around with signal capture.

How to make a TV from a laptop

Today, many providers, along with Internet access, offer their subscribers the IPTV service. These are channels in a special digital broadcasting format. Sometimes, to access such a service, you will have to buy a separate set-top box from the provider. Or rent it, which will cost very little money.

iptv prefix from rostelecom

If the user has purchased the IPTV service, he will be able to watch TV channels in good quality on several of his home devices. Including on a laptop. All you need to do is set up your equipment according to the provider’s instructions.

Usually providers offer several subscriptions. Some of them are free. They include the main federal channels and several entertainment ones. The user can buy additional subscriptions, for example, from sports channels.

How to set up IPTV for free

In addition to the services of the provider, you can find completely free digital television playlists on the Internet. All that a user needs to watch channels is to set up one of the IPTV stream players. The list of convenient and functional players includes:

  • VLC MediaPlayer;
  • IPTVPlayer;
  • PCPlayerTVIP.

The settings of all the listed players are made according to the same principle. Let’s look at an example of how this happens for VLC. According to poll statistics, this player is the most popular among users today.

vlc media player

Setting up the VLC player

VLC player is now available for all operating systems without exception. There are versions for Android, Windows, MacOS and even Linux. First you need to download the setup file. It is launched in accordance with the rules of the operating system. Next, select the installer language, for example, Russian.

Then just follow the prompts of the program. Users with a high level of knowledge will be able to configure any installation options. After it is completed, the player can be launched.

Working with playlists

A few words about where to get a playlist with TV channels. The user can get it:

  • from your provider in the form of a link;
  • find on the internet.

The last option is an ideal solution for those whose provider for some reason does not offer IPTV service. Today, a wide variety of free playlists with good quality channels are available on the Internet.

free iptv playlists

So, the user always has two options for the list of broadcasts: as a file and as a link. The player setup in the first case looks like this:

  • Ctrl+O or Media-Open file is pressed from the main menu of the player;
  • Navigate through the folders to find the downloaded file and click the «Play» button in the dialog box.

The player immediately starts playback of the first channel in the list. To see all available, just click on the playlist icon.

If the user has a link to the channel list, the player setup is done like this:

  • pressing Ctrl+N or Media-OpenURL from the main menu;
  • address is inserted.

After clicking the «Play» button, the first channel starts playing.

open iptv playlist by link

For adjusting the image to fit the display you can use the player. After going from the main menu through the Tools-Settings items, access to the video parameters opens. Here you can, for example, uncheck the «fit interface size» option to expand the image to full screen.

When is it convenient to use a laptop as a TV

A laptop is convenient to use in many cases, and the ability to watch TV channels is no exception. First of all, it is a mobile technique that is easy to transport. The only problem is the small screen size. Through a PC, you can watch your favorite shows anywhere you can connect to a Wi-Fi network. When the TV breaks down he will be just a savior.

A very common occurrence in families is the «fight» for the TV. Some want to watch movies, others want to know the main events of the country. Children are always happy with cartoons. With one TV, it can be difficult to compromise and prioritize.

Useful laptop and in a one-room apartment. By connecting wireless headphones, the TV can work without problems and the channel can be broadcast through a laptop. At the same time, no one will interfere with each other.



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