How to humidify the air without harm to children


Do you know what should be the optimal humidity in the apartment? Not less than 40-60%. These microclimate indicators are fixed by the official GOST 30494-2011, that is, they have been tested by research and time.

Do a simple indoor humidity test.

You don’t need any special equipment for this, take a simple glass of water. Put it in the refrigerator and cool the water to + 3-5 degrees. Then take it out and put it on the table, away from the heating appliances. The glass should be covered with condensate, and you should note the time it dries.

If the condensate dries in 5-10 minutes, then the air in the room is too dry. The condensate does not dry, but turns into large drops of water flowing down — air of high humidity. And if the condensate remains the same for the same time, the humidity is within the normal range.

Unfortunately, due to the operation of heating devices, the humidity of the air at home can drop to a critical level — less than 20%, almost like in the Sahara desert. If you and your household are not camels, then the situation needs to be urgently corrected.

What can cause dry air in the apartment?

1. Reproduction of dust mites and microbes
2. Dry skin, redness of the eyes and blurred vision
3. Poor condition of hair, nails
4. Headaches
5. Increased viscosity of digestive juice and disruption of the digestive tract
6. Drying up of plants that produce oxygen

The quickest and most proven way to bring moisture levels back to normal is to purchase a humidifier. Today they exist for every taste and color, but doctors recommend ultrasonic humidifiers. They are the safest for children’s health, as they work with cold steam and cannot burn someone’s curious hand.

Such a humidifier, using ultrasound, forms water nanoparticles and sprays them in a silent cloud around. Some believe that such devices are not particularly effective due to their small size. But the Yamaguchi Cloud humidifier fits on any nightstand and improves the air in rooms up to 45 m².

The main thing is to pour ONLY prepared, distilled water into the humidifier. This will protect not only the filter from breakage, but also your lungs from unwanted salts and impurities.

It works up to 15 hours straight, so you can turn it on at night and forget it. And to combat insomnia and special meditations, essential oil will help in combination with a moisturizer. Read about it in the next article.


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