How to hang a soundbar on the wall and connect it correctly


The soundbar is the best option for small spaces. In terms of sound reproduction, it, in fact, performs the functions of a full-fledged home theater, only it takes up much less space in the room. But how to install a soundbar so that it is easy to use, does not interfere and looks great in the interior? There are several good solutions for placing a soundbar in a room. We will present possible installation options and dwell on how to properly and quickly hang the soundbar on the wall with your own hands.

Where is the best place to install soundbars?

If the TV is located on a nightstand, then the best option would be to put the soundbar right in front of the TV. This will create a special feeling — the sound will be surround. This setting will give the illusion that the sound is coming out with the picture. It is worth paying attention to whether the soundbar is blocking the TV screen, otherwise all the magic will disappear.

Soundbar under TV

Most manufacturers of custom TV stands pre-arrange the location for the sound device. If the TV is planned to be mounted on the wall, it is recommended to use exactly the same arrangement of acoustics, that is, directly below the TV. Some modern TV models have a special place for attaching soundbars, which makes work much easier.
If the TV is on a special stand, then you can place the acoustics inside rack on shelf. However, there are a number of important rules and nuances that should be observed in order to achieve maximum sound quality. The installed soundbar should be pushed forward as far as possible. It is logical to assume that this is done so that the sound wave meets as few obstacles as possible in its path. Accordingly, it is not recommended to place any foreign objects in front of the speakers of the system. This is done for the same reason.

If the speaker system works with sound reflected from the ceiling, then it is strictly forbidden to install the soundbar in the niches of the rack.

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The best place for a speaker system with a subwoofer

There are no specific recommendations in this regard. The basic rule is find a suitable place in the room for the sub. It should stand next to the outlet and sound the best way. You may have to rearrange it a couple of times before it sounds in all its glory.

soundbar with subwoofer

You should also synchronize the sound volume on the soundbar and subwoofer. They must have the same sound volume. Depending on the model of acoustics, this can be done in two possible ways.

  1. The sub and soundbar have one volume control. This is the easiest option. By adjusting the volume scale, we achieve the best result.
  2. The devices have different controls. Here you will have to make a little effort to set them up and keep them on the same level.

You will have to spend a little time studying the devices. In the instructions or user manual, this point must be explained in more detail.

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Wall installation: step by step instructions

The TV must be installed at the same time as the soundbar. If the TV is already hanging on the wall, you will have to remove it and start assembling the kit with the panel. The wall must be strong, so first make sure that it can support the weight of the mounted devices. Depending on the type of wall, select the necessary dowels, screws and screws.

Soundbar on the wall

You can attach the soundbar to the wall using a bracket designed specifically for wall mounting. It is not uncommon for a soundbar bracket to be supplied included along with the purchased device.

Installation instructions:

  1. The soundbar must be installed at least 10 cm away from the TV.
  2. Lean the bracket against a smooth wall surface and attach with a couple of screws. If you are placing the panel under the TV, make sure that the arrow pointing up (usually shown on the bracket) is exactly in the center of the TV.
  3. Try to match the screw holders to the corresponding screw holes on both sides of the soundbar main unit. Secure them with the included screws.
  4. Install the panel into the required bracket slots. To make sure that the fastening is secure and strong, check that the fastening studs are located at the very bottom of the connectors.
  5. The next step is to directly connect the soundbar. Panel cables are connected immediately during installation, because then, most likely, it will be difficult to get to the connectors.
  6. There are rules for joining. It will be most convenient to connect the soundbar using the HDMI interface, or through the optical and coaxial inputs (this is most often done if your device model is not equipped with HDMI). The most detailed and visual instructions on how to connect the soundbar after installation can be viewed in video format, then you will definitely not make a mistake and do not confuse cables and connectors.

Speaker systems with surround sound

Some soundbar models are equipped with a subwoofer and satellites, which together create a surround sound effect. The most common situation is: the sub will be wireless, however, the satellites will have to be wired to the subwoofer. Wired subwoofers are becoming rarer and rarer these days.

subwoofer with speakers for home theater

The principle of operation of such a system is simple — the soundbar redirects channels to the sub and satellites. For himself, he leaves the center, left and right, and the bass and rear channels go to the sub. He, in turn, buzzes with bass, and gives channels to satellites. Thus, to get the maximum effect, it is necessary to place the sub and satellites in the back of the room and wire them together.

Some models of soundbars allow you to connect wireless speakers to them, which will be a little more expensive, but more convenient. You just have to connect the speakers to the power supply.

You need to install speakers in different corners of the room, slightly moving them from the walls to the listening point, and the sub will have to look for a place where it will best give out bass.

speaker placement in the room

After installing all the devices, you will have to synchronize their volume. Only now you also need to take into account the satellites. You need to find the volume control buttons specifically for the speakers. Then adjust the volume so that they are not louder than the soundbar, but also not lost among the subwoofer and acoustic device. After that, it remains only to adjust the overall volume of the entire surround sound system.

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Acoustics with room sound projection system

More recently, such systems were extremely complex and required special knowledge to configure them. Now the situation has slightly improved, but a number of features inherent in such soundbars have remained. The main difference is the presence of an array of speakers on the front of the device instead of the classic ones. For ease of configuration, these arrays are combined into groups. They emulate a multi-channel configuration. In short, the system itself adjusts its configurations for a specific room. For this, the properties of a sound wave are used.

Soundbar Samsung

Setting, as mentioned above, has its own characteristics. She is running using a microphonethat comes with the acoustic device. The acoustics include test tones bouncing off the walls and ceiling, which are picked up by a microphone. Then he sends them to the soundbar, and he, in turn, adjusts the sound to the conditions of the room. You should follow the setup instructions very precisely so that everything works out in the best way.

If there is no one wall in the room, or the ceilings are too high, then it is not recommended to use such a system.

Also, the correct setting can be affected by extraneous noise in the room, and if for any reason there are obstacles to the passage of sound.

Helpful Tips

The following guidelines must be observed when installing the soundbar.

  1. After completing the installation, make sure that the fasteners are firmly installed. Do not subject him to shocks, do not put additional weights.
  2. Make sure the device cables are out of the reach of children. If a child, for example, pulls on the cables, then, ultimately, the soundbar itself may collapse.
  3. Do not install the soundbar and subwoofer in rooms with excessive temperature and humidity. This will disrupt the operation of the device.
  4. For best soundbar speaker performance, keep the prescribed distance from the TV cabinet. It is also not recommended to place the device at a great distance.
  5. Remember that the bracket is always attached to solid, flat and smooth surfaces.
  6. Before connecting to the connectors on the TV cabinet, make sure that all safety regulations are observed.
Wiring diagram for TV and soundbar

Wiring diagram for TV and soundbar

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The soundbar is a wonderful addition to any TV, whether it’s a simple budget model or the most sophisticated Smart-TV system. The fact is that true surround sound with the effect of the environment will always be only an advantage, and only a high-quality soundbar can provide it. We hope that our tips will help you deal with the installation yourself, and the installed soundbar will delight you with excellent work!


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