How to feed on the energy of a tree: Shaman’s notes


Trees and plants are our spiritual relatives. They can enter our lives as allies and helpers, if we address them with love and reverence, as they deserve. A tree or a plant is an expression of the mind of the Great Spirit, manifested in one place. Being immobile and rooted, the tree also expresses the intention of the place where it grows.

In ancient times, each tree was a symbol of the connection between the physical (temporal) and the spiritual (eternal). Its roots penetrated the dark depths of the Earth, symbolizing matter, and its branches stretched towards the sky and the Sun, symbolizing spiritual light. Ancient peoples spoke directly to the spiritual essence of trees, so they could not only communicate with them, but also establish relationships of cooperation and partnership.

Shamans recognize that trees, like people, have a spirit. Their awareness and perception of the world around them is very different from ours, but nevertheless it is real. Some types of trees existed on Earth long before the appearance of mankind, and, perhaps, significantly outstripped us in their evolutionary development. In any case, shamans understand that the energy vibrations of trees are tuned to the energy of the Earth, and associate them with age and wisdom.

The spirit of the tree, unlike the human spirit, remains in one place. However, in the process of partnership with a person, he can acquire a certain mobility and thus expand the spectrum of his perception. A tree gives away a particle of itself, for example, a branch, where its vital energy is stored. Shamans call such a branch a living tree. When a tree is cut down or uprooted, its spirit withdraws its life force from the trunk. Strength can be drawn even from a single cut branch that becomes a dead tree. The only way to take a living tree is to get permission from the tree spirit. If the request is properly formulated and granted, the spirit of the tree remains in the branch.

By making a staff, wand, or «talking» wand from living wood, the shaman gains access to its wisdom and works in alliance with it. On a physical level, touching a living and a dead tree causes different sensations, even if the branches are cut from the same plant.

Oak is a tree with strength, reliability, wisdom. If you want to be energized by it, then go to where the plant you need can be found in a natural setting, and spend some time there. Let the plant know how it is for you. Voice your thoughts, or if that seems too eccentric to you, say the words in your mind. Then ask the plant to reveal its spiritual essence to you and wait for a response. Try to keep your mind open, like a blank screen for projecting images. The answer is in the form of a thought in your mind. Don’t try to analyze or interpret what happened; it will come later during meditation when you get home. The most important thing is to accurately remember your impressions.

But there is another way to use the energy of the tree. Our cutting boards are made of natural oak and treated with Altai oil and beeswax, that is, materials given to us by nature. By purchasing them, you will daily touch the tree, which has great strength and power. And using them as an accessory for cooking, it will be even tastier and healthier.


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