How to connect bluetooth headphones to a computer, laptop and phone


In most cases, wireless headphones are a headset that syncs with a computer via a bluetooth connection. They enable the computer user to get rid of the wires that hold him to the system unit and restrict mobility. How to set up and connect bluetooth headphones to a desktop computer using a wireless connection — consider below.

Connecting a wireless headset to a computer

There are two options for synchronizing the operation of wireless headphones with a PC. Details of the connection and possible problems with the wireless connection of devices will be discussed below.

Via included adapter

Not all desktop computers have built-in Bluetooth. Therefore, many wireless headset manufacturers bundle devices external adapter. Such a Bluetooth module for connecting headphones to a PC is made in the format of a miniature box with a USB connector or a 3.5 mm mini jack plug.

Bluetooth headphones with adapter

Headphones with USB Bluetooth adapter included

The procedure for pairing devices is as follows.

  1. The adapter plugs into the appropriate slot on the computer.
  2. If the headset is equipped with a toggle switch, you need to turn on the device.
  3. Check the indicator that the headphones are active.
  4. Go to software pairing setup.

Software settings are performed using the Add Device Wizard utility. To run the program, you need to use the Windows search engine to find a link to Bluetooth. After starting, the utility will generate a list of available devices for pairing via bluetooth. In the generated list, find the name of your headset, move the cursor to it and click the «Next» button.

Add bluetooth device wizard

Add bluetooth device wizard

The program will install the selected device, at the end of the procedure it will inform you that the headset has been added. Next, go to the «Devices and Printers» section. In different versions of Windows, the name of the menu and the transition to the section itself may differ slightly.

In the properties of the headset added to the list of devices, select the «Bluetooth Operations» item. To call the «Properties» menu, just right-click on the object. Wait until the devices are automatically synced and the message «Bluetooth connection established» appears.

Connecting a headset without a module

More modern laptops and desktop computers may have built-in Bluetooth adapter. You need to turn on bluetooth on your headphones and computer. The operating system will look for a suitable driver. The sequence of synchronization of equipment with wireless headphones depends on the version of the operating system.

Windows 10, when the Internet is connected, will automatically download the necessary software. Otherwise, the drivers must be taken from the disk that came with the headphones, or downloaded from the official website of the headset manufacturer.

Driver Search performed through the Device Manager application. In the list of menu items, you need to find and open the «Bluetooth» branch, and update the drivers on the device marked with a yellow triangle. If there is no item, open the “Other devices” branch for updating drivers and then “Unknown device”. To initiate the operation, right-click and select the «Update Drivers» context menu item.

device manager - bluetooth

Update drivers for bluetooth devices

When the necessary drivers are installed, you need to activate the automatic network search mode. After adding the device, you should start synchronization. At the end of the process, the notification «Bluetooth connection established» should appear.

Problems with Bluetooth recognition — Headsets

When connecting wireless headphones to a PC, there may be a situation where the computer does not recognize the audio device. The cause of the problem should be sought in the following points.

  1. It is possible that the headphones have turned off due to the fact that the battery has lost its energy reserve. You should recharge the headset and turn it on. The indicator on the case should light up.
  2. The PC should be checked for driver installation failure. If such a reason is found, you must repeat the software installation procedure.
  3. Headset physical problem. The power button does not work, a faulty battery, carelessness that led to water getting on the headphones.
  4. There may be a problem with the bluetooth module or the computer’s OS.
  5. The distance from the PC recommended by the manufacturer has not been observed.

If recharging and restarting the headphones, restarting the PC, and also trying to pair with another sound source (phone, tablet) did not give the expected effect, then the problem lies in the audio device malfunction. The user will have to replace the headset under warranty or buy a new one. The option depends on the nature of the malfunction: a factory defect or negligence during operation that led to a breakdown.

Sound problems

If the sound is weak or absent, first of all, the one set on the computer is checked. sound volume level. It is possible that it is installed in the lower position. To check and adjust the sound volume, click on the icon in the form of a speaker. If the manipulation did not give the desired result, the problem may have arisen due to a driver mismatch. You can also try update software. The update procedure is described above.

If the sound is of poor quality: intermittent, with extraneous wheezing and hiss, without bass, then you need to change the profile in the Windows settings. To do this, in the «Device Control Panel» you need to find the sound icon, right-click on it to open «Sound Options» / «Playback Devices». In the «Playback» tab, the wireless headset will be presented in two profiles:

  1. «Headset»
  2. «Headphones».

In the first profile, you need to set the value «Default communication device», and in the second — «Default device».setting playback devices

Another option to solve the problem with the sound quality of wireless headphones is to turn off the Wireless Phone service on the PC. The service is disabled through the «Properties» window of the device in the «Service» tab. It is enough to uncheck the corresponding item.

To open the window, you need to go along the path «Device Control Panel» → «Devices and Printers». Among the icons, find the image of the desired device and right-click on it. Manipulation will automatically remove the «Headphone» profile from the settings, and the operating system will not use the built-in microphone of the wireless headset.

How to pair bluetooth headphones with phone

After learning how to connect wireless headphones to a computer, you need to familiarize yourself with the process of connecting a headset to a mobile phone.

  1. Activate the bluetooth connection on both devices using the corresponding menu on the phone and special key on the headphone case.
  2. Search for available devices in the bluetooth menu of your mobile phone.
  3. Authenticate and connect the headphones to the phone.

Not all wireless headset models are equipped with a microphone. Gamers should pay attention to the dexp bt 250 model, which features a reliable microphone and high sound quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of bluetooth headsets

The advantages of this type of technology include:

  • long distance use;
  • the possibility of flexible settings;
  • high sound quality.

Today, there is a wide range of this type of equipment on the market. Sound quality, lack of wires and a large signal transmission radius are undeniable advantages. But besides this, such devices have a number of disadvantages:

  • big weight;
  • the need to recharge the battery;
  • more complex technical device;
  • high price.

The price range of such equipment can vary greatly. The fact remains unchanged that, in comparison with a wired counterpart, this type of headset will cost much more. A more complex device of technology practically eliminates the possibility of self-repair if you do not have special knowledge.


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