How to connect a soundbar to a computer via HDMI and Bluetooth


Nowadays, the choice of speakers that can be connected to a TV or system unit is simply huge. These are 2.1 / 4.1 / 8.1 speakers, where a subwoofer is responsible for providing low-sound frequencies, and standard stereo speakers, and soundbars that are gaining popularity. The latter can not only be purchased ready-made, but also assembled with your own hands. Let’s look at why a soundbar for your computer would be a good solution, and at the same time find out how to connect it to the system unit.

What is a soundbar

A soundbar is called a system like monoblock, inside which satellites are hidden. The bass speaker, unlike separate systems, has a wireless interface for connection. There are a lot of varieties of soundbars (as the soundbar is very often called), from the simplest 2.1 to systems with “deployed” sound that can provide unsurpassed sound quality.

Soundbar for computer

Some computer owners consider buying a soundbar as alternative to regular speakers, for which, as a rule, you need to buy a sound card (and then look for drivers for it). Compared to a sound card, which requires you to disassemble the case of the system unit to install, the soundbar seems to be more preferable, because to connect it you only need to connect a few wires and press the power button.

The soundbar can be much more convenient if the home computer is used as a multimedia center, to which a projector is additionally connected.

The soundbar will serve as an excellent acoustic addition in building a home theater class system based on the system unit. Another argument in favor of the soundbar is its compactness. The dimensions of the device allow it to be placed on a table or placed on a shelf. In any case, the speaker system, made in monoblock form factor, will not take up much space, and the absence of wires (from the subwoofer) will help to arrange it in the most convenient way.

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How to connect to a computer

The options for connecting a bathroom bar primarily depend on the type of connection between the two devices. They can be paired via bluetooth or using an HDMI cable.

Connecting via HDMI

This pairing method is a simple connection of the soundbar to a computer or laptop via a cable. Usually, on all devices, the common connector is HDMI. Accordingly, the cable must have the same plugs.

Connectors on the side panels of the laptop

Connectors on the side panels of the laptop

If the devices are connected correctly, then the user will see the name of the soundbar in the sound devices panel. You can select it for one-time use or make this connection the default. The second option is preferable when using several sound systems at once.

Connection via bluetooth

This option assumes a completely wireless connection to a computer. If you plan to combine the soundbar with a laptop, then no additional adapters or wires are required. When connecting to a computer, a Bluetooth adapter is required. The fact is that if it is not there, then nothing will work. However, in some computers, the motherboard may already have a built-in module. Then there will be no need for an adapter.

In general, the process of connecting the device itself is performed in the following sequence.

  1. First, turn on the soundbar.
  2. Then you need to start pairing mode on it. If it is difficult to do it yourself, then you should read the instructions. Some models automatically switch to this mode when turned on. Others have a dedicated pairing button on their bodies.
  3. After that, you need to go to the settings of your computer or laptop. Here you need to turn on bluetooth and start searching for nearby devices.
  4. After the search is completed, you need to find the name of the soundbar and click on it to complete the pairing process.

After carrying out these manipulations, the soundbar will connect to the computer on its own every time it is in the bluetooth range.

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What problems can arise when connecting

Whichever of the suggested methods is used to pair the soundbar with a computer or laptop, in some cases some problems may occur during the connection process. The most common of these are the following faults.

  1. While connected via Bluetooth, the soundbar cannot connect to the adapter on the computer. The main reason why this happens may be that the PC is already connected to some other device — a phone, headphones or tablet. Fixing this problem is very easy. It is necessary to disable the old connection in the Bluetooth settings of the computer.
  2. If the devices are connected using an HDMI cable, then both the cable and the device may be causing the problem. Often this can be due to the lack of drivers necessary for the video card. Therefore, you need to make sure they are available. If the required software is not found, then it can be installed from a disk, and if it is not available, it can be downloaded via the Internet. When all the drivers are installed, you must try to connect the device again. If a problem occurs again, then you need to make sure that the cable itself and its connectors are working. If necessary, replace it with a working one.

    Visibility to other devices must be enabled in PC settings

  3. Also, users are familiar with the situation when, with errors and failures of the operating system, the sound of the soundbar disappears. In this case, the problem may be solved by simply restarting the computer.
  4. The most serious problem is the breakdown of the soundbar itself. In this case, it will not be possible to fix the problem on your own, you will have to contact the service center.

The soundbar is currently a great alternative to the usual speakers. It boasts excellent sound quality and volume. In this, it is not inferior to the speakers, and most often even surpasses them. The main thing to do when buying is to choose a model that is suitable for the characteristics of the computer and the size of the room in which it will be used. As for the connection procedure, it takes little time and will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users.

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Computer with soundbar installed


As you can see, a soundbar for a desktop computer or laptop is a very popular and relevant thing. And in some cases (use as a «home theater») and completely irreplaceable. Connecting the soundbar to the system unit takes no more time than unpacking the purchased device. In some cases, as mentioned above, an adapter may be required for the correct operation of the entire system, but the connection principle itself will not change from this.


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