How to connect a music center to a computer or laptop


Many users are wondering how to connect a music center to a computer. This is due to the fact that the acoustic system itself is practically of no value today. After all, to listen to songs at the center, you need to use disk or flash drive. A computer connected to the Internet allows you to listen to any music, as well as watch movies. Meanwhile, the sound in the music center in comparison with the speakers of a PC or laptop is often better. How to connect the music center to a computer will be described below.

Wired connection

The first way to connect the player to a PC is to use an RCA-3.5 cable. In this case, it is recommended to choose the option with two tulips — red and white. On sale you can find an option with three (+ yellow), but if you use such a cord, then the sound quality may be worse.

When choosing a cable, experts advise using those with gold-plated plugs.

RCA-3.5 cable

It is better to use a cable with gold-plated plugs.

When the desired cord is on hand, the following is required.

  1. The center is powered down for safety reasons.
  2. Plug 3.5 should be inserted into the audio jack of the PC or laptop.
  3. In the music player, you should find AUX and connect tulips to it in the corresponding colors of the connectors.
  4. It remains to turn the device back on and start music on the PC to check the result.

Wireless connection

Wires are convenient for connecting stationary devices, but a laptop is still a mobile device, so it is more convenient to output sound from it via Bluetooth. This method works even in a situation where the center is not initially equipped with a built-in module. You can fix it by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter, which connects via a 3.5 jack or tulips on a music player. After that, it remains to add a Bluetooth device to the laptop — in this case, the receiver connected to the player.

bluetooth adapter

The adapter will help you output sound to any bluetooth device

If there is no sound

The methods above are very simple, but it may happen that there is no sound after synchronization. In this situation, it is worth considering the possible causes of the failure.

  1. Music center not configured. For some models, you must switch to AUX mode in order to receive a signal through the equipment connected to this output.
  2. Sound comes from somewhere else. If other devices with speakers are connected to the PC (for example, a TV), then by default the device can send sound to one of them. You can fix this through “hardware and sound” — in the “playback” tab, you need to mark the technique that will play music.
  3. Customize driver. Sometimes the failure of playback through external sources is caused by driver settings. There is an audio icon in the tray. Entering the settings through it, you need to uncheck functions such as «noise suppression», «separation of signal sources» and the like. If there is any doubt about a particular item, it is recommended to select the default settings.
  4. Update audio hardware driver. The lack of sound can be caused by an outdated driver or its complete absence. Updating the hardware software often solves the problem. You can do this by finding the right software on the website of the laptop / PC manufacturer or by installing the universal DriverPackSolution utility to automatically search for and install drivers.
    Realtek Audio Driver

    Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 10

Making a tulip with your own hands

Adapters for connecting one technique to another are quite inexpensive. But there are situations when you don’t feel like going to the store or you just love to tinker with electronics. In this case, you can make a cable to connect the computer and the music center yourself. To do this, do the following manipulations:

  1. Take a regular headphone wire with a standard plug and remove the insulation from it.
  2. After that, it is necessary to twist the copper wires into a tight bundle.
  3. Now we wind one end of the wire to the audio input. Of course, it is best to solder the parts.
  4. Next, the contacts at the center and the other end of the wire are connected.
  5. After that, we connect the metal and plastic parts with electrical tape.
  6. Such a cord can be connected not only to a computer, but also to a phone or tablet.

Of course, such a system is imperfect and its implementation will require a lot of material that is difficult to find in the home of an ordinary person. Therefore, it is easier to buy a cable.

When using a headphone cord, you should arm yourself with a lighter and singe the ends of the wire. So you remove the insulation and get rid of unnecessary hairs that will interfere with your work.


Using a music center as speakers for a computer is very reasonable and practical. Firstly, the speakers of the device transmit sound much better than most computer ones, and secondly, in this case, your center will not gather dust on the shelf. After all, with the advent of the Internet, listening to music on disks has become impractical.


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