How to choose the size of the pear bean bag chair


My name is Andrey and today I will tell you how to choose a bean bag chair and the most important thing here is maximum comfort, and, accordingly, size.

We recommend that you ignore the letter designations of sizes, such as: L, XL orXXLbecause different manufacturers have different sizes.

The main parameters you need to know are the diameter and height.

Height is measured along the side seam from bottom to top, or vice versa.

For children whose height is up to 140 cm, we would recommend you our smallest pouffe 100 cm high: the children will be very comfortable on it and it will not take up much space.

If your child has already grown up or is no longer a child at all, and his height is up to 160 cm, pay attention to the bean bag chair 120 cm high. There will be excellent back support and it will be very comfortable.

The next bean bag chair is the classic option that is most in demand. Its height is 135 cm, and it will suit people of average build and height up to 180, or even up to 190 cm. My height is 183 cm, and I feel very relaxed on it and lateral support, and back support is felt more pronounced and very on it nice to sit.

But if you are a lover of maximum comfort, then I simply have to introduce you to Mr. «King of Puffs»: height 150 cm and diameter 95 cm.

Two adults can easily fit on it, you can sit on it, lie down, you can even fall asleep on it.

Today I told you how to choose the right size of a bean bag, in the next review I will tell you about the fabrics that we use in the production of a bean bag.


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