How to choose Artecciart brushes: professional advice


Usually in a set of professional brushes for painting there are several types of working tools that differ in the height and shape of the hair bundle: flat, angular, fan, round, filbert, liner. This is sufficient for most tasks.
It is much easier for professionals to choose and buy brushes for painting than for beginners. If the selected tool is inconvenient, of low quality, unsuitable for achieving certain goals, it will be impossible to work with it, especially for a long time.
To reflect the artistic intent on paper or canvas, the most suitable option is art brushes. Instrument anatomy: handle, crimp and hair tuft as a working surface.

Benefits of Using Art Brushes

Artecciart paint brushes are suitable for schoolchildren, students, professionals and have several bright advantages:
High quality professional tools
a universal set of brushes at a very attractive price;
Convenient for drawing with paints of different types;
for experienced and novice artists;
a wide range of sizes for drawing the smallest elements and detailing, as well as filling large areas;
Easy to clean and reusable.

You can buy brushes for painting for any kind of creativity: drawing pictures by numbers to feel like a real artist without special talent and skills, making crafts, drawing on canvas, design direction.


Artistic brushes are made of high quality synthetics (nylon). Therefore, the hair bundle is as resilient and elastic as possible. Holds more paint, allows you to work faster and achieve amazing results. Red synthetic brushes for painting with a bristle of medium hardness and thickness
The fibers are durable, reusable, easy to clean. Paint brushes with a wooden handle are light. They are comfortable to hold and comfortable to work for several hours in a row. Even a very tired artist calmly controls the quality of work.
Pile made of synthetic materials resistant to sunlight, paints, insects. It is famous for its high wear resistance. Hard to be damaged during operation. Great option for acrylic painting.

Basic shapes of artistic brushes

In standard sets, art tools are offered in a sufficient variety:
round — high quality, the most versatile, for creating a variety of shapes and original effects. They are easy to rinse and hold water well. Due to the high elasticity of the brush, strokes are the most expressive. Absorb excess coloring composition. They make it possible to display clear lines with rich shades on the canvas. A good brush must have a sharp tip for detailed work;
flat — characterized by a flat beam, in which the tip is straight. They perform neat broad strokes. Suitable for filling large areas. Very popular in architectural painting. A lot of coloring composition accumulates in the beam. A distinctive feature of strokes is with an angular or straight edge. These paint brushes are especially handy for wet-on-wet painting;
· filbert — a kind of flat oval brush, preferred by many professional artists. The versatility of the tool in combining the characteristics of the two main types of brushes — flat and round. With its help, broad strokes are performed and the smallest components of the canvas are drawn. Incredibly convenient for creating a thick line that turns into a thin one with a wave of the hand. It is also convenient to create color transitions with it;
retouching — another type of flat brushes. The peculiarity of the anatomical structure in obliqueness at an acute angle. These are the best materials for making color transitions in narrow and hard-to-reach places in the picture. It is easy to draw contours with them. And all because the tip makes it possible to instantly and accurately operate the volume of the pile in their own interests;
fan — also a kind of flat brushes. Outwardly, they look like a fan. The hair bundle is sparse. They professionally shade the paint that was applied to the base. With this tool, artists are counting on elegant color stretching. They create special effects in different directions of painting. Often this is abstractionism, portraitism, landscape painting. It is convenient to mix and soften surface reliefs, contrasts;
Liners are tools in which the length of the hair reaches 10-25 mm. It is convenient to focus on the contours in airbrushing. Create incredibly long lines with the same thickness. The paint accumulates at the base of the hair bundle. This feeds the elongated core. Therefore, artists lead a long and thin continuous line without interruption in the selection of a coloring composition.
You can buy paint brushes in a huge variety, choosing tools based on the thickness of the hair bundle and size.

How to care for art brushes

There are several recommendations, however, they are simple and understandable for implementation. Handle the brushes carefully, without pressing hard, without pressing to the bottom of the container, otherwise the hairs will break off on the edge of the crimping element.
Store brushes for drawing only in their pure form, prolonging their service life. Coloring compositions that dry at the clip harm the hair bundle. The tool is thoroughly washed from the solvent, which is able to linger inside the crimp element and dissolve the glue, which threatens to fall out the pile.
The loss of the shape of artistic brushes is guaranteed if they are lowered into the solvent with a bunch down. When working with acrylic, unused brushes are placed in water. Acrylic dries quickly and is difficult to peel off.
Paint brushes with synthetic bristles that have lost their shape are reanimated by immersing them in hot water. Just not in boiling water. Brushes with nylon bristles, although they are cheaper than natural counterparts, but last longer.

Selection Guide

It is advisable for beginners to listen to the advice of the masters. It is better to buy brushes for drawing not separately, but in a set that already has the basic tools for creativity. The artist immediately receives the main variety of working tools.
Considering the type of bristle, evaluate the compatibility of the pile with different paints. It would be a shame to invest in a gift that turns out to be useless. They also evaluate how the hair bundle is suitable for a specific task, given its rigidity.
Therefore, most often choose art brushes with synthetic hair, which is quite soft, reliable, durable, compatible with different paints: gouache, watercolor, oil and acrylic paints, tempera.
In well-made brushes for drawing, the crimp element firmly fixes the hair bundle with the handle. The brushes are densely padded, the hair does not stick out. Wet pile lies evenly and evenly. Professional tools have wooden or acrylic handles.
Replenishment of the assortment of artistic brushes with the development of skills and talent will allow you to reach a new level, experiment with paintings, set goals and achieve them. It will no longer be possible to manage with goods of the middle class. It is worth preferring better and more reliable brushes for painting.
Ideally, even a novice artist should have several brush formats in their arsenal. It is not necessary to buy dozens of different types of tools. It is enough to buy brushes for drawing in a standard set at an affordable price and start creating.
And then it becomes clear which tool is closer. When choosing brushes, they are repelled by the colors with which they have to work. Gradually, you will find your perfect artistic brushes by assembling a chic set of a great tool.


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