How to choose a rocking chair


The right rocking chair can serve as a place of physical and emotional relaxation. Rest on a rocking chair contributes to the rapid recovery of the nervous system. Swinging it creates an amplitude effect of changing gravity and activates various areas of the cerebral cortex, muscle memory acquired in infancy. On the other hand, that unique feeling of simultaneous relaxation and motion sickness, as if on waves, for adult family members can become a real joy and useful therapy. Not to mention the children, who will certainly climb on the rocking chair and ask them to rock endlessly. And what a nice gift for elderly parents will be the opportunity to relax with such comfort, and even rock their grandchildren!

The classic design with rounded skids has mechanical strength, has a high load capacity, and creates the maximum swing amplitude. Such models have a rigid frame, sway due to the rolling of the runners on the floor. Their greatest vulnerability is time — over a long period of many years of service, wooden parts dry out, their connections weaken, and creaks appear.

Pendulum chairs consist of two frame parts connected by an intermediate movable mechanism. The pendulum mechanism ensures smooth and silent swinging. The base standing motionless on the floor eliminates damage to the floor covering and excessive amplitude. At the same time, pendulum chairs are more comfortable, they also have disadvantages. For those who like to swing harder, such models are not suitable, and the pendulum mechanism is designed for weight loads up to 100 kg.

The specification of the dimensions is of great importance for the projection at the place of the intended placement. The material of the soft cover must meet the interior design and practicality of use. Synthetic materials clean well, but are inferior in terms of breathability and moisture removal.


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