How to choose a remote control for your TV: the best universal remote controls


When the old remote control is lost or becomes unusable, people face the question: how to choose a remote control for the TV? Many mistakenly believe that all remote controls are unique and suitable for any kind of device. In fact, this is far from the case. Depending on whether you still have the old factory-marked TV remote control, there are two options for further action: choosing by brand and model or by selection.

Two remotes

Select remote by make and model

As a rule, on the front side of the control device is information about its manufacturer and model. Using this data, it will not be difficult to choose a new remote control. Just visit one of the specialty stores or browse the online catalog of an electronics store and find the right brand for your new remote control.

It is possible that body marking over time, worn out, and it is not possible to read it. To find out the make and model of the remote control, check your TV’s instruction manual. As a rule, it contains comprehensive information that will help you make your choice.

Remote control marking

Remote control selection by picking

If you have lost information about the model of the TV and control device, you should follow these steps:

  • borrow a remote control from your friends;
  • Check if the remote control is compatible with your TV.

There are times when devices of different brands and models consist of similar chips and similar command sets. This allows them to perform their functions even on a «foreign» TV. If the remote control performs all the commands on your TV, you should choose a remote control that is similar to the borrowed one. There are other methods to find out the exact model of your TV, and use it to select the right remote control.

Remote control selection

Universal control panels

How to choose a remote if none of the above helped you? In this case, universal remote controls will help you. By capturing the signal of the device to be controlled, such a remote control reads the type of signal and reproduces an identical one. Several signals can be recorded in the memory of such a device, which allows it to control not one, but several technical means. Setting up the universal remote control is quite easy — you just need to follow the instructions exactly.

How to choose a universal remote control

If there is a need to buy a remote control, and you can’t find a native one, you will have to choose a universal option. There are not so many criteria for this.

  1. Compatibility. This is the most important point. Before buying, make sure that the remote control and the specific TV model are compatible. Otherwise, the money will be wasted.
  2. If there are several compatible remotes for a particular model, then it is worth evaluating how comfortable is the accessory in terms of ergonomics and the presence of buttons necessary for a particular user.
  3. It will not be superfluous to have an accessory backlight and customizable buttons. With their help, you can program the remote as close as possible to your own.

The recommendations above are the only thing you should know about choosing, but before moving on to the top 5 remotes, users should be aware that third-party manufacturers can produce not only universal models for any TV, but also remote controls only for Samsung or LG equipment (any other brand). If you managed to find a similar option, then you should not chase universality (the ability to use it with different devices), because even if support is declared in the instructions, it is not a fact that the remote control and TV will work with each other.

The best universal remotes

The top five universal remotes listed below are selected based on feedback from real users, which can guarantee their quality work.

5. Gal LM-P170

Inexpensive universal remote control is compatible with a large number of equipment from different manufacturers. It can be used to control a TV, receiver, split system and other devices. The model is quite compact and lightweight, which makes it ergonomic and comfortable for both adult and children’s hands. The functionality of the device is standard — there are no extra buttons, but at the same time all the necessary tasks are solved: adjusting image settings, volume, switching channels, and so on. The range of the device is 10 meters, the number of buttons is 45.

Gal LM-P170


  • budgetary;
  • works with many devices and manufacturers;
  • simple setup;
  • light weight;
  • Supports simultaneous control of 8 different devices.


  • the weight is shifted to one of the sides — by negligence, the remote control often falls out of hand;
  • not all keys work correctly with some types of equipment.

Prices on Gal LM-P170 on Yandex Market:

4. One For All Contour TV

The model is designed to control TV, music players and projection equipment. The database of supported devices includes more than 700 units from different companies. PDU boasts extended transmission range — up to 15 meters, has 38 buttons, some of which are backlit, which is convenient at night. The body of the device is made of high strength plasticand the remote itself does not slip in your hand.One For All Contour TV


  • increased reliability of the case;
  • ease of connection and use;
  • good ergonomics;
  • a large number of supported devices;
  • There are backlit buttons.


  • the battery cover is rather unreliable;
  • some buttons do not perform the functions of a native remote control.

Prices on One For All Contour TV on Yandex Market:

3. Rombica Air R5

Bluetooth remote control for TV and smart set-top boxes with Android OS is designed not only to perform basic tasks, but also to effectively control the smart functions of the device. Inside the accessory there is a gyroscope that allows you to replace the mouse with a remote control. The range is 10 meters, the number of buttons is 14.

RombicaAir R5


  • ergonomics;
  • adapted for smart TV;
  • easy to set up and operate.


  • not suitable for conventional TV and for Samsung, LG equipment.

Prices on Rombica Air R5 on Yandex Market:

2. One For All Evolve

Another universal remote control, which, unlike its predecessor, is designed not only to control TV, but also allows you to work with other television equipment, such as receivers. Model adapted for Smart TVwhich will make it easier to use the Internet. The accessory has an ergonomic shape, non-slip body, a good arrangement of buttons and a wide angle of capture of the infrared port. Due to this, it is not necessary to point the remote control at the equipment. The model has 48 buttons, some of which can be programmed. Communication range — 15 meters.

One For All Evolve


  • high-quality execution of the case;
  • adapted for Smart TV;
  • ergonomic;
  • wide angle coverage of the infrared port;
  • there are customizable buttons.


  • does not support simultaneous control of a large number of devices (up to 2 pieces);
  • quite expensive for its functions.

Prices on One For All Evolve on Yandex Market:

1. One For All URC7955 Smart Control

The model with the speaking name is compatible not only with a huge number of devices (including game consoles), but also successfully works with more than 700 brands. With it, you can control all the appliances in the house. The model is distinguished by convenient control, the ability to program buttons and the presence of illumination, which is very convenient at night. The communication range is 15 meters, the number of buttons is 50.

One For All URC7955 Smart Control


  • a huge number of supported equipment and brands;
  • the ability to customize the buttons;
  • the ability to update the software of the device;
  • high-quality execution of the case;
  • backlight.


Prices on One For All URC7955 Smart Control on Yandex Market:

How to make an independent repair

To find out if your device is repairable, you need to find out if it emits infrared signal, with the help of which the control over the operation of technology takes place. Because this type of signal is not visible to the human eye, it can be verified using a simple phone camera.

If the required signal is missing, you should change the control device to a new one or, if you have basic skills in the field of electronics, carry out repairs yourself.

Often, the problem of a malfunction is sticking or partial failure of individual buttons. The reason for this is the failure graphite coatingacting as a conductor. To fix this problem, just follow a few simple steps:

  • untwist the body of the remote control;
  • cut aluminum foil into small squares;
  • glue the resulting pieces to the contacts;
  • screw the body.

Breaking ceramic quartz is the main cause of remote control malfunction: it is usually caused by the device being dropped. Shake the body of the device. If a rumbling sound is heard inside, then the quartz has broken. Repair in this case is a simple replacement of the ceramic base. Remember: the remote control, like any equipment, needs regular maintenance. If you systematically disassemble the remote control and clean its contacts, it will last you much longer.


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