How to choose a phone case


For preservation and decoration, phone owners dress them in various protective cases. The SHIELD-mobile accessories store has prepared an article for you that will help you to accurately find the right solution for you among many other products.

  1. Overlay

This type of cover covers the phone from all sides except the front, leaving free access to the display. The structure of the case protects most of the surface of the phone, while allowing quick access to the device. The back wall of the case allows you to personalize your phone with a printed pattern or a pleasant textured material.

SHIELD-mobile recommends using a slip case, which hides the original design of the phone to a lesser extent, while giving the protective properties sufficient for normal use of the smartphone. At the moment, our store presents minimalistically stylish and truly high-quality solutions for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

  1. Bumper

The most open type of case, which is a frame that protects only the edges of the phone. The bumper has the least protective properties among other cases, however, it is the bumper that almost does not change the original factory design of the phone.

  1. Book

The book cover consists of a rigid form that covers the phone from three sides, with a lid attached to it. This type of case is chosen by users who are especially worried about the safety of the phone, sacrificing quick access to the display and the aesthetics of the original design. The minus of the book cover is manifested in the frequent wear of the soft connection between the rigid frame and the movable cover, which as a result begins to fit loosely to the phone, losing its protective qualities.

  1. Case

Such a cover is a pocket sewn on three sides, into which the phone is inserted from above and, if necessary, is taken out by pulling out a special tongue. Due to the lack of a rigid form, cases are often universal, in addition, they have high protective properties, but they are inferior to other products in terms of ease of access to the device, and also have the ability to accumulate various rubbish inside themselves, such as crumbs.


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