How to choose a mascara with the effect of false eyelashes


A woman who does not dream of beautiful long eyelashes must have been born with them. For those of us who are less fortunate, LUXVISAGE XXL Super Volume Mascara is the way to go.

Mascara is the little black dress of the world of cosmetics: it looks great on eyelashes, adds expressiveness, brings mystery, creates style. That’s why it’s in every makeup bag. With regard to her, we are not ready for compromises: we need everything or nothing from her. Everything is long, exciting, lush and curled eyelashes!

If you are looking for a lengthening, curling, volumizing, separating mascara, then the LUXVISAGE XXL Supervolume Mascara is for you.

Eyelash extension

The very case when the words «by magic» take on a literal meaning. Two strokes — and the cilia become much longer, and the eyes — more expressive!

In addition to the special composition of the magic mascara, this effect is achieved due to the special design of its brush, which has hard and frequent villi of different lengths.

Volume mascara

Thanks to the thick short bristles, the voluminous mascara paints over each eyelash separately, and as a result, they all look fluffy and well-groomed and do not stick together.

The secret of this magic is in formulas rich in wax and silicone polymers, so this mascara has a soft texture.


Curled eyelashes give the look a special charm of naivety and coquetry, and what else is needed for a successful flirtation? A flexible silicone brush and a special cosmetic composition copes with the problem of straight lashes and makes a stunning curl even on the most unruly lashes.

False eyelash effect

Daily use of mascara creates the effect of false eyelashes, making them lush, curled, long and separated.

And most importantly, the polymers that make up this mascara do not allow it to crumble, maintaining a charming image until the end of the day.

The mascara bottle is equipped with a special dispenser, which provides the required amount of mascara with each application.

Mascara XXL Super Volume from the Belarusian brand LUXVISAGE will become your indispensable assistant in creating an unforgettable image and a seductive look every day.


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