How to choose a hot smoked smokehouse


The task is, frankly, not an easy one. Most likely, you have already reviewed hundreds of proposals, from which the “head is spinning” — the variety of smokehouse models is unthinkable! Try it, figure out which one will please you with a fragrant pike perch with a delicious golden crust, and which one will disappoint and make you run to the store for smoked «liquid smoke» chicken (guests are already on the doorstep)!

We will help you gather your thoughts, sort out all the pros and cons, taking your time to choose exactly the smokehouse that meets your urgent needs.

Define goals

Decided to celebrate housewarming in a big way at a new dacha? Or going fishing with two or three childhood friends? Or maybe you have planned a surprise for your beloved household members: put a ruddy ham with smoke on the table in a cozy kitchen?

Let’s answer two main questions on which the choice of some operational characteristics of the «miracle stove» depends:

  • Where are we going to cook? For smoking at home is important tightness. Therefore, the smokehouse to be used in the kitchen must be equipped with a hydraulic lock and a fitting for chimney. If the process takes place in the open air (on a hike, on a hunt, on a country «hacienda»), you can save on this detail. Mobility is also an important indicator. Stationary smokehouses are installed in the courtyard of a private house or in a summer cottage. Portable help out on a picnic or on a long journey.
  • How many eaters? This is a key issue when choosing dimensions smokehouses. Proceed from the needs: if you plan to often cover a stunning «glade» — do not be stingy. By purchasing a large smokehouse, you save time.

Now you can move on to the technical «troubles». All smokehouses are arranged according to a single uncomplicated principle: in a metal case there is a grate (or several) for products, a drip tray for fat and a space (sometimes a tray) for wood chips. That’s all wisdom. It remains to understand the design features and quality of materials.

What to pay attention to?

What hopes does every gourmet have when purchasing a smokehouse? Of course, he dreams of the pleasure of the cooking process itself, of enjoying the unique taste of meat or fish delicacies with smoke! Yes, you will succeed if you take the choice in detail and pay due attention to key features:

  • Body material. Choose AISI 430 stainless steel smokers
  • steel thickness. Optimal indicators are 1.5-2 mm.
  • Product depth. There should be free space between food and firewood.
  • Tray for dripping fat. Its sides should be high enough. Otherwise, the fat will get on the hot chips, and the food will get a bitter taste.

We hope that with the help of these recommendations you were able to choose a reliable and high-quality hot smoked smokehouse.

And this is an “appendage” to useful advice: do not use conifers (they emit resin with an unpleasant odor) and birch (there is a high percentage of tar in wood, which spoils the taste of products).

Are you «celebrating» in your garden? Then use a cherry, pear, currant or plum. Did not leave nature? Put maple, alder, oak, or aspen wood chips in the smoker.

Good luck and bon appetit!


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