How to choose a collar for a dog?


Every dog ​​breeder always faces the question of buying a collar. The right choice of collar is important for comfortable communication with the dog.

Collar types:

🐶 Casual

🐶 Collars for training and behavior correction

🐶 Exhibition

🐶 Decorative.

Casual or walking collars are the most common, and every dog ​​has them. Such a collar has a standard model with one half ring and is convenient in that it can be used for dogs of almost any breed, you just need to choose the right size. A casual collar can be made from leather, canvas, or nylon.

✅ Collars for training and behavior correction are not used in everyday life, but there are often situations when one cannot do without them during the educational process. This is especially true for the correction of the behavior of adult dogs with “neglected education”. To achieve the desired effect, you must be able to properly use these types of collars.

✅. The collar for shows should be as less noticeable as possible, its task is to show the dog in the ring at the dog show as beautifully and naturally as possible, while not attracting attention to itself. Show collars are selected depending on the size, color and coat type of the dog.

✅ Decorative collars can be made from any material. They are mainly intended for small dog breeds.


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