How to choose a circle and sleeves for swimming?


With the onset of summer, children really want to get into the water: fun splashing in shallow water or taking their first swim in the pool. If the child is unsteady on the water and still does not know how to swim, pick up a bright circle or swim sleeves for him.

Inflatable circles

Stylish and durable, the circle is the perfect helper for a child in any pond. Using the circle, the baby will stop being afraid of water and get used to keeping the body afloat. And he will also learn to actively move his legs and arms and even dive!

What to look for when choosing a circle?

  • Diameter. For children 3-6 years old, circles with a diameter of 50-60 cm are suitable.
  • Material. The accessory is made of PVC with even seams that do not rub the skin.
  • Smell and color. A high-quality circle should not smell sharply and leave paint on the child’s skin after bathing.
  • Stub. Make sure that the plug is attached to the valve and that the valve is protected from sudden deflation.
  • Elasticity. Inflate the circle and keep the accessory outdoors for 2 days. If the circle remains elastic, you can swim with it.
  • Design. Give preference to circles with colorful designs and your baby’s favorite characters. Bright colors will help children cope with the fear of water and always remain in front of their parents.

After swimming, do not forget to rinse the circle in water, clean it of sand and adhering stones with a towel and leave to dry. We recommend storing the deflated circle folded, away from direct sunlight.


With sleeves, the child will learn to swim faster, since, unlike a circle, you can make more maneuvers in the water with them. In addition, the support of the body in armlets is concentrated on the arms, while the legs and torso move freely underwater.

What to look for when choosing armlets?

  • The size. Choose sleeves strictly according to the age of the child. For children 3-6 years old, accessories measuring 23×15 cm are suitable.
  • Material. Armlets are made of PVC, softly and tightly wrap around the arm.
  • Smell and color. Sleeves should not smell strongly and should not stain the skin after bathing.
  • air chambers. Quality sleeves are 2 independent air chambers. The flat part is usually located under the arm.
  • Reliable valves. Make sure the valves close tightly and do not let air in.
  • Design. Armlets with bright and original designs will turn swimming into an unforgettable experience. And learning to swim with well-known characters is always easier!

We advise you to wear sleeves soaked in water on a wet hand. So the child will quickly be in the water and will not damage the delicate skin of the hands.


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