How to choose a camera for fishing


Is the fish under the ice or next to the boat? How does she react to the bait? Does she like food? With the Calypso underwater camera, you don’t have to guess. You will see.

Benefits of camera fishing

The lucky ones are those who have a lot of free time, which they devote to their favorite hobby. There are, however, those who manage to escape to the river bank for two or three hours. Although the well-known song says “I’m not going for fish, but for fishing”, everyone deep down dreams of good prey.

How not to be left with an empty cage if there is little time for fishing or an unfamiliar reservoir? Use an underwater camera! With its help, you will not only find the parking lot of the fish, but also find out, or rather, see what is happening under water.

So, what opportunities does the gadget open up for the fisherman?

  • Find fish quickly. Immerse the camera in the water to see the fish, it will take a couple of minutes to assess its appearance and size. You no longer have to waste time on repeated passes through the holes or sorting out lures. There is fish — we catch it, no — we look further.
  • Study the terrain. Any angler knows that fish prefer to stand in shelters. They are snags, vegetation, trees that have fallen into the water, and so on. In addition, pits, depth differences, and edges are of interest. With a camera, you can see the bottom in detail.
  • Measure depth. It’s not an echo sounder, is it? — you object. It’s simple: mark the cable in increments of, for example, 1 m. When lowering the camera, you will determine the depth, which will also help in mapping the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Track the reaction of the fish to the supply of bait, bait and, if necessary, adjust the tactics of fishing.

The benefit is obvious. But how to choose the right underwater camera for fishing?

Underwater Camera Selection Criteria

Perhaps today there is not a single fishing store that does not offer customers several models of underwater cameras. And this is not surprising, since the popularity of these devices is growing, and they are constantly being improved.

How not to make a mistake in choosing? Pay attention to the following options:

  • camera sensitivity. The clarity of the image depends on the quality of the sensor;
  • degree of moisture protection and immersion depth. The more immersion the chamber is designed for, the more reliable the waterproofing of the hull should be;
  • backlight. LED improves video quality, but excessive brightness will scare away fish;
  • viewing angle. The wider it is, the more area the camera will cover. But too wide an angle will make the picture worse;
  • screen size and resolution. The higher these parameters, the better the picture.

These are the main criteria to consider when buying an underwater video camera. Calypso underwater surveillance systems meet each of them.

Features of Calypso video cameras

Calypso underwater cameras have already become reliable assistants for many anglers. They not only have the necessary technical characteristics, but also compare favorably with competitors.

Versatility allows you to use them not only in winter, but also in summer on a boat using a special kit. No matter how fast you move, the holder securely fixes the camera. Install it where it is convenient. Don’t forget the cassette fin and weight — they will help keep the Calypso in a horizontal plane, the image will stabilize.

The camera is not afraid of frost or heat. Operates in the range from -20° to +60°С.

Calypso underwater video surveillance systems are equipped with a light shield. In bright sunlight, you do not have to cover the monitor with your hand, the picture will not shine.

The Calypso UVS-03 Plus model will help you capture bright moments in photos and videos and share them with friends.

The main thing when fishing with Calypso is not to stare at the screen. Cut in time!


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