How to choose a Bilgow board?


Our Bilgow board is recommended by experts for excellent quality! But now there are many analogues that can be confusing, because the client cannot see and touch everything live. And the effectiveness of training depends on the reliability of the simulator.

For us, the most important parameters in the manufacture of exercise equipment for children are safety and efficiency 🙏

We have UV printing, not sticker. Our markings on the board will hold securely, will not be erased, will not be picked out, and will withstand frequent classes.

On the analogs of our board, the stickers peel off, even a child can easily snap it off, the appearance deteriorates and the child is uncomfortable.

On our board there is a professional anti-slip coating «sand», varnished on top — praised by experts.
Fakes are made from anti-slip tapes for steps, they are tough and can easily injure a child.

Maximum safety! We cover the Bilgow board with water-based acrylic eco-varnish, which is allowed in the manufacture of products for babies. The varnish protects the surface and prolongs the service life. Even after a long use — the simulator will be like new.

In analogue boards, sellers write that they have a water-repellent coating, but in fact they do not varnish. This is easy to determine — take a closer look, if you see the villi of a tree, then the simulator is not varnished. In this case, it will last very little — it will quickly warp, chips and burrs will form. It’s dangerous for children!

Bilgow of our production will withstand up to 100 kg. We give the simulators an even greater load when checking. Products are made of hardwood — Siberian birch. Let dad check the balance, we promise he will like it too.

Analogue products cannot boast of such reliability and quality of raw materials, they often break even from children’s workload. We care about quality very much and have created the best version of the Bilgow board:

classic digital markup;
color coding for younger children;

adjustable legs for more difficult balance;

special key included, easy to adjust the degree of rotation, color adjustment;
high-quality fasteners;

reliable anti-slip coating;
additional sensory sensations for the feet;

safe materials from the ecologically clean region of Siberia Altai;
coating with water-based varnish in several layers;

rounded ends for long service life;
convenient size 58*38*9;

and we also give thematic material for effective classes — a collection of lessons from experts and a printed manual with exercises.

The simulator helps to solve the following problems:

impaired coordination of movements;

motor awkwardness;
motion sickness in transport;

other disturbances in the work of the vestibular apparatus;

violations or features of the development of speech;

delays and features of mental development (ZPR, ZPRR);

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
insufficiently formed processes of memory and attention;
violations of behavior, communication and socialization.

As a result, your child will receive:

recovery and improved coordination;

understanding the position of your body in space;

improve motor and visual reactions;

expansion of the visual field;

development of the vestibular apparatus;
integration of all sensory systems;
cerebellar stimulation;
improvement of memory, attention, thinking.

You can practice at home, in a developmental correctional center, with or without additional equipment, it is easy to take with you. The result is visible after a couple of sessions.

See how interesting it is to balance on the board. Choose the right simulators, and let your classes be as effective as possible, and let the kids be healthy and happy!


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