How to care for jewelry?


Modern jewelry is made of high quality hypoallergenic materials that retain their original appearance for a long time.

This is achieved with the help of rhodium plating — coating several layers of rhodium.

What is rhodium?

This is a metal of the noble platinum group, which is several times more expensive than gold. It gives additional protection to the product against corrosion, darkening and allergies — the scourge of many girls, women and a pleasant shine.

Rhodium is now even plated with gold and silver, jewelry with precious stones!

Nevertheless, the myartofstones team encourages you to adhere to simple recommendations in the care of jewelry so that it retains its original appearance for a long time:

🔻 andavoid moisture: water in the pool, sea, sauna, sweat

🔻avoid moisture: water in the pool, sea, sauna, sweat

🔻 do not wash dishes and clean up jewelry, this is a double blow for them: water and chemistry

🔻 put on jewelry after perfume, cream has been absorbed

Take it off before going to bed to avoid damaging yourself or your jewelry.

🔻 do not clean with harsh abrasives: soda, sand, toothbrush and paste and products for silver and gold

🔻For cleaning, use special jewelry products, a soft cloth, and even better give it to a professional (most often ultrasonic cleaning), especially if the jewelry is expensive for you and it costs several thousand

Keep in separate bags or cases. This will protect them from scratches and other mechanical damage due to contact with each other, as well as from light.

We, the myartofstones team, understand that jewelry should not only give dozens of compliments, the feeling that it is the most beautiful, but also be worn with comfort, so we treat materials with special trepidation.

Earrings, pendants, beads and other jewelry with natural myartofstones are made of rhodium-plated jewelry alloy, and the clasps of the earrings are also plated with a layer of AAA silver. The alloy does not contain harmful impurities.

We select every bead, every detail with love, by hand for you, Dear Women!

Beauty will save the world!

Elena Kushnir, founder of the myartofstones brand of designer jewelry with stones


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