How to avoid split ends of hair?


Thick, healthy, shiny hair is one of the decorations given to a woman by nature itself. True, we do not always treat our jewelry with due respect and care. Hair dyes, perms and improperly selected care products — all this spoils the hair. As a result, over time, many women face such an unpleasant phenomenon as split ends of hair.

Why are the ends of the hair split?

Hair with split ends looks untidy, unattractive and constantly tangled. In addition, they are noticeably different in color from the rest of the hair — duller and lighter. There are several reasons for hair separation, and in most cases they act as a friendly complex:

Unbalanced nutrition, in which the hair lacks vitamins and trace elements, as well as a lack of fluid in the body.

· Bad habits. Thanks to nicotine and alcohol abuse, B vitamins are destroyed, and caffeine is able to flush out calcium and iron from the body — the main trace elements that hair needs.

· Hard and too hot water.

· Hot styling with a hair dryer, ironing and other thermal devices.

Weather factors — wind, frost, active sun.

· Hair length. If your hair is longer than 30 cm, then splitting at the ends is inevitable, because. at this level, the natural protective layer no longer copes with its task.

Hair dyes that affect the structure of the hair and can break it.

Poor-quality cosmetics for hair. Synthetic components (parabens, sulfates and silicones) contained in it dry out and make the hair heavier, which results in additional brittleness and brittleness of the hair.

How to deal with split ends?

1. For prevention and better hair growth, hairdressers recommend cutting about 2 cm of hair every 2-3 months. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, in order for the hair to be long and beautiful, they need to be cut regularly.

2. If you dye your hair, change ammonia dyes to safer or vegetable ones.

3. Give up metal and plastic combs — they can easily be replaced by wooden, ceramic or soft bristle brushes.

4. Alternate drying your hair with a hot dryer with natural drying and reduce the use of irons or curling irons (at least use them not every day!).

5. Choose a comprehensive restorative care. SIBERINA will help you with the choice of suitable products — the brand has a wide range of natural hair cosmetics.

How to restore brittle and split ends?

Damaged hair can only be restored in a complex way, that is, using several products at once: a shampoo that does not weigh hair down, a caring conditioner, masks 1-2 times a week and oils for the ends of the hair.

Mild shampoo and balm

The main assistant in the treatment of damaged hair is the right shampoo. To restore strength and beauty to your hair, you must not only choose shampoos for damaged hair, but carefully read the composition. Our enemies in such shampoos are Dimethicon, Dimethiconol and other silicones, which after a certain time will lead to brittleness and cross-section. Sulfates are also undesirable — SLS and SLES, which in the end can dry out your curls. And in order not to look for a long time, pay attention to hair shampoo «Revitalizing» and balm pair with him. This is the best treatment kit for damaged hair, which will make dull and lifeless hair shiny, healthy and beautiful.

Masks for split ends

The use of hair masks is comparable to a shock dose of vitamins that raise a weakened and diseased body to its feet. The use of masks every 3-4 days will give its results in the first week. But for thorough and deep nutrition and hydration, it is desirable, of course, to introduce masks into your daily care on a regular basis.

You can make masks at home, but why reinvent the wheel? Ready-made natural masks from SIBERINA already contain all the necessary components in the right concentration — take it and use it to your health! For example try mask for damaged hair with blue and black clay, which intensively restores damaged hair structure. The unique formula of the product based on natural ingredients helps restore metabolism, enhances capillary blood circulation in the scalp and accelerates hair growth.

natural oils

One of the most effective solutions to the problem of dry hair are natural oils. They actively nourish and strengthen damaged hair, restore natural shine and radiance.

The best assistants for hair restoration — amla oil, peach and burdock. These natural health elixirs can be used as additions to your favorite shampoos or masks, or for solo use.

Leave-in care

If you do not have time for long hair beauty treatments, no-rinse products will help out. Try it, it’s very convenient, and most importantly, effective! During the daily morning styling, you can apply split ends wax. It restores weakened and damaged hair, eliminates brittleness, restores natural shine.

Another easy and quick care option is natural hydrolates. They come in a spray format, and all it takes is a couple of seconds to spray a beneficial solution onto your hair. For example, birch hydrolatein addition to its strengthening and regenerating effect, promotes hair growth and serves as an excellent prevention of dandruff. Complex of hydrolates «Vitamin» (as part of chamomile, nettle and burdock hydrosols) is designed specifically to strengthen and nourish weakened hair, and complex «For shine and silkiness» (inside lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang hydrolate) is perfect for daily care: it will fill the hair with strength and energy, make it soft, manageable and shiny.

With SIBERINA natural cosmetics, the problem of split ends will remain in the past, and your hair will delight you with beauty and health!


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