How to apply oil on hair


Let’s talk about how to apply pure oil or oil masks on your hair.

1) PREPARE YOUR HAIR. You should not apply oil to dry hair, as well as to very wet hair from which water flows.
Moisten the entire length of the hair, dry with a towel until almost dry to the touch, but still saturated with moisture from the inside.
This is the best time to apply oil.

2) PREPARE THE MASK. Heat the oil in a water bath or just a few seconds in the microwave to make it slightly warm.

3) APPLY A MASK. Apply the oil mixture to the entire length of the hair, and if you are making a mask for dandruff or hair loss, then gently rub it into the scalp.
After combing gently with a large comb and cover under the film for an hour. It does not make much sense to leave it for longer, an hour is enough for the full effect.

4) RINSE OFF THE MASK. Rinse off the mask the same way you would normally wash your hair with shampoo plus conditioner.
If you did not leave the mask overnight, it will be easily washed off with shampoo. If the shampoo does not work — apply it twice,
or there is another trick: apply the shampoo directly to the hair in oil, massage, and only then wet and rinse.

Make such masks no more than once a week, you can once every two weeks, according to your feelings. You will see, such care from the first application significantly improves the appearance of hair:
give shine, softness, silkiness. And also oil — a strong prevention of split ends, brittleness and hair loss.


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