How my water treatments turned into bliss


Hello, hello, beautiful girls! I am an avid fan of taking a fragrant, warming, hot bath with aromatic oils and foam up to the ceiling. Why do I like this activity so much? I like this secluded and relaxing atmosphere, when you can relax both physically and mentally. But in addition to setting up our state of mind, a hot bath helps us prepare the skin for further cosmetic procedures by steaming it. Due to my obsession with long swims in the bath, I tried a fairly large number of products for this procedure, and foam, and salt, and oil. But my choice was on them. You ask: «Come on, tell us what you got to combine business with pleasure when taking a bath?!» And the answer is very simple: THESE ARE BUBBLING BATH BALLS. And you immediately ask yourself: «What, in fact, is so beautiful in them?» And I will answer you without difficulty: in addition to the incredibly bright color that the balls color your water and the wonderful aroma, they are endowed with a natural composition, which includes oils that nourish and moisturize our body skin. As you know, hot water dries out the skin, and for me, a lover of gatherings in a hot bath, such a remedy is just a lifesaver, because it does not allow the skin to dry out. Now let’s move on to my favorites. These bubbling bath balls are handmade and only from natural ingredients. Their choice is quite large, everyone will find to their taste and preferences.

The first favorite coffee and chocolate miracle. We have this beauty with cocoa butter and caffeine extract. Why are they useful?

  • Cacao butter . It has a healing and tonic effect. It also has regenerating properties and perfectly nourishes dry skin.
  • caffeine extract. Oh, how many useful properties it has 🙂
  • tones and tightens the skin;
  • promotes the breakdown of subcutaneous fat;
  • improves blood microcirculation;
  • enhances cellular metabolism;
  • has a lymphatic drainage effect;
  • fights cellulite.

Also includes a super moisturizer Almond oil.

The second favorite is pink sorbet. This ball is presented with rose oil and patchouli oil. What are the benefits of these oils? Now let’s figure it out!

  • Rose oil — smoothes and improves skin elasticity, tightens it; has a tonic effect. There are no contraindications, but it is not recommended for pregnant women to use.
  • patchouli oil. Patchouli is a low, herbaceous shrub native to Malaysia. Essential oil is extracted from its petals.
  • Withering skin, this oil gives a healthy look;
  • with dry skin eliminates peeling;
  • for people with sensitive skin helps relieve irritation and inflammation;
  • with oily skin normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands.

This oil is especially effective in the fight against cellulite: if you add it to creams and body lotions, then sagging skin will tighten, become fresher and more elastic — in this way you can normalize a sagging stomach or hips. The composition of this bomb also includes almond oil, which has amazing moisturizing properties. As you can see, it’s a total benefit and nothing more.

When interacting with water, the ball hisses, boils and immediately colors our water in such a bright orange color. By the way, there was no pronounced aroma from it, compared, for example, with a ball with black currant, the smell there is just awesome, I immediately fell in love with it. Plus, the water is covered with an oily film, the presence of oils in the composition affects.


Of course, these balls will not greatly moisturize or nourish your skin, but at the same time they will not dry it out and there will be no feeling of tightness. The skin is really soft and velvety. A very pleasant procedure without harm to your skin. I’m happy. Like after a spa! I use this ball about 1-2 times a week 🙂

Thank you all for your attention! Be beautiful and loved!


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