How did such a type of clothing as a T-shirt appear in the history of mankind?


T-shirt history

Everyone has a few creative and simple t-shirts in their closet that are great for helping us out at any time of the year! Today, absolutely everyone has such a wardrobe item, but few people know that T-shirts used to be considered underwear. How did this type of clothing appear in the history of mankind? and How did it become a part of everyday wardrobe? for every modern person, we will tell in this article. Also in this article you are presented with t-shirts in our store on Wildberries.

The history of the appearance of a T-shirt in its modern form appeared not so long ago, history has not preserved the name of its inventor, and there are disputes about the moment of its appearance.

One of the versions is that clothes similar to T-shirts appeared in the second half of the 19th century. It was used by miners as an effective protection against dust and heat.

according to another version, 1913 can be considered the «date of birth» of the T-shirt: then a model of an undershirt appeared without buttons and a collar, with short sleeves. At first, it was worn by marines and submariners.

According to another version, the T-shirt became such when it was given a name — «T-shirt», «T-shaped shirt». A collarless cotton jersey with short sleeves was called «titoshka» because of its shape resembling the letter «T». The name appeared in the 1920s and was almost immediately recorded in dictionaries.

In 1933, a sports shop in Michigan sold Champion T-shirts with the Michigan logo, and in 1939, the Beefy T Company produced the first promotional T-shirt announcing the movie The Wizard of Oz.

In 1942, a real breakthrough took place, which led to the unexpected popularity of this type of clothing. The magazine «Life» published a photo of a soldier in a white men’s t-shirt with a print.

After the Second World War, the T-shirt became an independent item of clothing and began to be used as outerwear. In such a garment it was convenient to perform hard physical work in hot conditions.

And in 1948, the American governor used this type of clothing for his election campaign, ordering a large batch with inscriptions on T-shirts «Dew it for».

But, the rapid growth of popularity appeared in 1951, after the release of the film «A Streetcar Named Desire», where the main character appeared in a white T-shirt, after which it began to be perceived not only as an element of outerwear, but also fully became fashionable.

Then, in 1955, the film «Rebel» was released, where the main character also appears in the frame in a white T-shirt. In the 1960s, the so-called Tie-dye T-shirt came into fashion, which is associated with ethnic style and the hippie movement. All these events contributed to the rapid growth in the popularity of this element of the wardrobe.

The real popularity of the inscriptions on T-shirts received in the 60s — and then it only grew. Names of sports teams and musical groups, funny (or not so) drawings and symbols, propaganda or provocative images and statements, brand logos and slogans, portraits, photographs, abstraction… The T-shirt has become a universal «canvas», a way of saying, expressing oneself, a form of propaganda, a badge of distinction and belonging — and an exceptionally fashionable thing.

It is believed that the «tishotka» was «brought» to the Soviet Union from the West by domestic athletes. The comfortable jersey without collars and sleeves became the training and game wear of our football players, and soon fans and other athletes began to wear it too. The word «t-shirt» appeared in Russian in the 1920s, and it was first recorded in the dictionary in 1940.

The T-shirt came into the women’s wardrobe in the 1960s, but gained real popularity in the 80s. Then, both classic white and bright colors were in fashion, oversized and tucked up sleeves, contrasting inscriptions, logos and drawings, a hem cut into «noodles» and short T-shirts that opened the waist … Gradually, T-shirts «settled down» and in addition to the categories of youth clothing or sportswear, entered the list of basic wardrobe items.

Today, a t-shirt can be worn to the gym, to a party, to the office, and even to a solemn event — a well-chosen and combined t-shirt is appropriate almost everywhere. And thanks to digital printing and other modern technologies, you can put absolutely any image on knitwear and make your clothes exclusive. The drawings are bright, rich and almost durable. If desired, you can even apply 3D images.

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