How can a lash maker work in a crisis?


How can we work now? — this is the main question that we ask ourselves and address to our colleagues. To translate this fear into a constructive plane, we have prepared several recommendations. Moreover, crises in our history have already happened.

Continue accepting clients. Unlike the situation with the coronavirus (by the way, where is it?), there is no threat to health now. The main thing is to follow all the necessary safety measures: disinfection, use of masks, disposable consumables, thermometry, etc. This is the basis of the work of beauty masters.

Replenish stocks of materials, check current ones for compliance with expiration dates. Under the sanctions, there may be problems with the supply of certain goods, their availability on the market. For example, preparations for removing eyelashes or preparing for extensions. Therefore, it is better to take care of them in advance.

At the same time, it’s not worth experimenting with materials now: it’s better to order what you are used to working with and what will not let you down. The same applies to eyelashes.

Rebuild communication. Most likely, we will be left without Instagram, in which it was very convenient to create your own personal brand and record.

VKontakte will help to replace it and stay in touch with your audience. Moreover, some beauty masters have been maintaining their pages here (and even in Odnoklassniki) for years. “Your” clients will not leave you, regardless of the site.

Decide on prices. Rising material prices will directly affect your income. The simplest form of management accounting will help you understand what to do with your price list for services: raise prices or not, by how much you can do it.

In an attempt to save money, many girls risk getting a low-quality service, so the price level, with a competent approach, can serve as a “filter”, an indicator of quality.

Take a closer look at the training courses. Infobusiness is the easiest way to survive in a crisis. Course authors will appeal to your doubts and fears in order to get «quick» money. Not all of them will give a quality product. Carefully study the program, reviews, work, if you decide to invest in education.

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