Fun swimming. How to instill a love for water procedures?


Not all children like water procedures equally. Some people prefer to take a quick swim, others can enjoy water for hours, and still others have to be frightened with Moidodyr to persuade them to simply wash themselves. Parents resort to different methods and techniques to accustom their child to bath procedures. Various toys are used, a cartoon on the tablet during the bath, candy for washing your hair and much more. But why don’t children like to swim? And how to fix it?

What if water gets into your ears?

Yes, this is often the most common reason. Children are afraid of water getting into their nose, eyes, ears. You can help the baby: take an incomplete bath, use a visor while washing your hair. And it’s also very fun to take your goggles and scuba diver’s snorkel with you!

slippery bath

An anti-slip bath mat will help add confidence. Among children’s safety products, you can also find special highchairs for the bath.

Too hot or too cold

Check the comfortable temperature with a thermometer — 37 degrees is recommended for swimming.

The child is bored just sitting in the bath

The choice of toys and games is huge! In addition to the usual rubber figures of animals, you can find toys with soap bubbles, water labyrinths, constructors, balls, boats. Any toys that can withstand bathing can be taken with you — it’s fun and interesting! Special finger paints also diversify the swim. It is convenient — I painted, got dirty and immediately bathed. You can come up with a fun game with bath bombs — everyone likes pops without exception. Or come up with a mindfulness game — find all the ducks in the thick foam.

The worst punishment is washing your hair

This prospect scares even the bravest kids. The fear that it will pinch the eyes is familiar to every child and parent. Choose means for bathing «without tears» — it will become easier to wash your hair. After the bath, go through the hair with a soft brush — now it is smooth and silky!

Remember to have friendly conversations with your children about the importance and necessity of cleanliness. Together arrange a general wash for toys, tell us what miracles water and soap do and read «Moydodyr» to the kids. Everything will definitely work!


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