Fast and clean: the pros and cons of window cleaning gadgets of different prices


Those who think that cleaning windows is a woman’s job are deeply mistaken. This process requires accuracy, strength, skill and, of course, special gadgets.

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«Most useful program» In her own experiment, she found out whether the price of window cleaners affects the effectiveness of their work?

The program tested the most fashionable and popular models of glass cleaners. The tests involved devices of different price categories: cheap, medium and expensive.

Window pollution has come closer to those that residents of houses and apartments usually encounter in everyday life. From the outside, dirt and dust accumulate on the glass, and on the inside there are traces of adhesive tape after New Year’s garlands and stickers, as well as drops of fat that fall on the windows in the kitchen during cooking. Also stains from yogurt and cottage cheese were added. Such pollution can occur if there are children in the house. To ensure that all experiments were carried out under equal conditions, only running water was used to wash the windows.

Cheap gadget: a brush with a telescopic handle

The cheap price segment was represented by a brush with a telescopic handle, which is sold in every hardware store and costs around 500 rubles.

As part of the test, the following advantages of this device were identified:

+ has a low cost;
+ quickly launders dairy products;
+ effective in removing dried drops of fat;
+ convenient to use: you can reach the farthest corners of the windows;
+ effective in the fight against dirt and dust;
+ safe to use when washing windows on upper floors.

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Despite all the advantages, the brush has some disadvantages:

— does not save windows from traces of adhesive tape without special chemicals;
It took 30 minutes to clean one window.

If you get used to it, then this device is an excellent tool for removing dirt on glasses. If you also use special chemistry when washing windows, then the device will cope even with outdated pollution.

Average price: magnetic window cleaning brush

The average price tag was represented by a magnetic brush. Such a device consists of two parts, inside each of which a powerful magnet is installed. Thanks to this, the glass can be washed from both sides at once.

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Such a gadget costs already 1000 rubles.

During the tests, the magnetic brush proved to be both positive and negative. Of the advantages, the following can be distinguished:

+ has an acceptable cost;
+ firmly adheres to single-chamber glass;
+ well washes dust and dirt from the outside of the window;
+ helps to speed up the process if the glass is not very dirty and there is no grease or glue on it.

But this device has a number of very serious disadvantages:

— the half of the gadget, which is located on the opposite side of the window, may accidentally fall if you do not use the safety cable;
— does not cope well with greasy stains;
— ineffective without a special detergent.

When choosing such a device, it is also worth considering the thickness of the window. If the glass is thick and consists of several cameras, then the gadget may not grab.

Expensive device: window cleaning robot

The most expensive gadget that participated in the test was a window cleaning robot. Its cost was as much as 18 thousand rubles. The principle of operation of the device is based on the fact that inside the gadget there is a small electric motor that creates a vacuum, and due to this, the robot is attached to the window.

Of the advantages that can be identified when using the gadget:

+ multifunctional, as it can be used not only for washing windows, but also for ceramic tiles and kitchen apron;
+ has a remote control system;
+ can work both from a network, and from the accumulator;
+ saves cleaning time.

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True, the operation of the device, despite the high price, leaves much to be desired. The gadget has many disadvantages:

— has a high cost;
— can break away from the glass and fall if you do not use insurance;
— copes with complex pollution not the first time;
— round brushes cannot wash the corners of the window;
— The battery only lasts 20 minutes.

It turns out that when using an expensive glass cleaning robot, you will have to finish something yourself, so the gadget will justify its price only if there are a lot of windows in the house.


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