Fairy oak or how to interest children


A bit of history about oak… When you start working with something unusual and unlike others, you study everything in more detail and in detail in order to immerse yourself in the work. Surely on the Internet of other platforms you have come across identical products more than once. And each master is looking for his uniqueness and zest. Did we find her? Absolutely yes! One of them is stories collected from all over the world that are at least a little bit related to what we do! So here’s a little history for you:

There is such a book: Stories of Uncle Oak. Author: Josep Lewis Badal.

Grandfather Drus knows many stories and fairy tales. One day he told his grandchildren — Maya and Tau — about the ancient magic tree, Uncle Oak. Somewhere inside its trunk there is a hidden door through which you can get into amazing worlds, and Yogurt Boy lives on the branches. Of course, Maya and Tau decided to find Uncle Oak and see everything with their own eyes. Thus begins an exciting fantasy in the style of the Chronicles of Narnia. Readers will find themselves in a special world created with the help of words and fantasy. Our children read the entire storyline with pleasure, and then asked to show where such large and mighty trees grow. Therefore, I had to come up with my own excursion through the forest, and then show a small part of what can be made from such a tree. The children were delighted, and in our time it is very difficult to interest children in something. And what was their surprise when they found out that the boards on which mom serves their favorite cupcakes are made of oak. Therefore, friends, try to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale and interest your children!

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