Elastic band for pulling up on the horizontal bar: How to choose?


Elastic bands for pulling up on the horizontal bar are actively used today in training by those who want to learn from scratch, as well as by experienced athletes who seek to increase the number of repetitions performed. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult with a lot of weight, or a child, the tape expander is selected for any parameters.

To make it easier for you to make the right choice, below we will consider several typical situations for selecting elastic bands for athletes with different initial parameters and goals.

1. If you already know how to pull up 10 times without any help and want to learn how to do more

Then with the help of ITEX SPORT power tape this can be done in two cases:

— During the exercise, at the moment of muscle failure, cling with your foot to the expander (with your foot or knee, depending on the degree of support needed), previously fixed nearby on the crossbar, and get a few more times in the exercise. In this case, according to your weight, you should look at the ITEX SPORT green ribbon (25-70 kg) or purple (20-40 kg). Blue (30-80 kg), if your weight is not more than 100-120 kg, it may not be comfortable for you to push down with your feet when you are tired.

— During the exercise, create vertical resistance upwards, securing the tape from below to the feet-shins. Here you do not wait for the onset of muscle failure, but fasten the expander immediately from the first time in the approach. In this case, you should take a tape with a lower resistance, for example, black (10-30 kg) or red (5-15 kg).

The method of attaching the elastic band for pulling up on the horizontal bar

2. If you are an adult with an average weight, you know how to pull yourself up on the horizontal bar 1-2 times and you urgently need to learn how to do more

Then we recommend starting with the green (resistance 25-70 kg) and purple (resistance 20-40 kg) loops. Start with green, if the support is not enough (which may be, but not likely), add purple to it. When you learn to do confidently with green, move on to purple. This pair of loops will last you for a long time, after them you will probably not use the loops for pulling up on the bar at all.

3. A child of 10 years old, weight 30-40 kg, cannot pull himself up without jerking, which elastic band will suit him?

We recommend starting with purple tape (resistance 20-40kg). As soon as your child learns to pull himself up at least a couple of times, it will be possible to connect already black (resistance 10-30 kg) and red (5-15 kg) to training. Elastic bands with the recommended resistance, the child will be able to push down well and rise with little effort. It will be difficult for him to push through the green, in connection with this, he will not be able to keep a straight body either. Green is suitable for more weight.

You can choose the right ITEX SPORT elastic band for pulling up on the horizontal bar and purchase it at a bargain price with free delivery at the link.

We wish you and your children to master pull-ups as quickly as possible and learn how to do them without any help!


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