Cocoa powder «BackerCacao»


Hi, let’s talk about cocoa from BackerCacao.

BackerCacao is a brand that allows you to enjoy the highest quality cocoa powder from Rizhao Donewell Food Co Ltd, Shandhong. Great for making drinks and baking.

First, let’s figure out what cocoa is and how it is useful?

Cocoa is a tonic soft drink that is prepared on the basis of cocoa powder with the addition of water, milk, sugar. Cocoa powder, in turn, is a product obtained from the fruits of the chocolate tree.

The beans of the plant are ground and the oil is squeezed out of them. The cake remaining in the process is dried and cooled, and then crushed to a powder consistency.

Cocoa powder is also used to add to various confectionery products, it gives a chocolate flavor and rich chocolate color. Due to the pleasant taste and smell cocoa it can be used in the preparation of any products: biscuits, creams, biscuits, etc.

Useful properties of cocoa:

The benefits of cocoa have been proven by many studies. Delicious drink contains antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves brain function, has an anti-diabetic effect, fights bacteria and reduces asthma symptoms. In addition, cocoa improves mood and is useful for those who control weight.

1. Cocoa contains natural antioxidants

2. Cocoa lowers blood pressure

3. Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke

4. Cocoa improves brain function

5. Uplifting

6. Cocoa has an anti-diabetic effect

7. Cocoa Reduces Asthma Symptoms

8. Has antibacterial and immunostimulating properties

Buying our cocoa you get a quality product with a wide range of nutritional values ​​for every day.


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