Cases of using BIO RELAX collars — acts as a sedative for cats and dogs


  • Are you going to take your pet with you on a trip, planning a move, a trip in transport.
  • If you plan to visit the veterinary clinic, you need to cut the animal or shorten the claws, clean the ears or rinse the eyes.
  • Repairs in your apartment or with neighbors, accompanied by loud noise, a car alarm that worked, a noisy holiday with loud music, the roar of fireworks, thunder, screams and squeals of children.
  • If your pet is left alone for a long time without supervision, whines, chews shoes, scratches furniture, tears off wallpaper from walls and tears curtains from windows.
  • With sexual arousal in males or estrus in females, if you do not plan to have a pet, it is necessary to smooth out his suffering and inappropriate behavior.
  • If you have a young, untrained animal marking the territory in your home, defecates past the tray in the apartment, damaged parquet and floor coverings in the room, a persistent smell of urine.
  • Aggressive behavior, incessant barking or meowing, your pet cannot find a place to rest, rushes from room to room, rushes at household members, growls, bares its mouth — this is a sure sign of a stressful situation with your friend and he needs your help.


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