Capsule as a solution to the problem of «nothing to wear»


— Nothing to wear again! The wardrobe is bursting with different things, but you can’t combine them with each other.

— You need to go to work after the decree, and you try on the 105th sailing dress. What else to go to work, you need maximum convenience, and so that after work you can take a walk with your child!

— In general, all things are tired, outdated and you need to change them!

Familiar problems, right? I’ll tell you a secret that I had these problems before, when I wasn’t a designer yet.

When they say that they “meet by clothes”, they mean that clothes are a marker of your social status and broadcast to the outside world what kind of person you are.

And what if your wardrobe is not organized? Do you present yourself to the world around you from the most attractive side? Obviously, you are not happy with the answer.

Of course, these problems are easily solved. Amira Far brand offers you capsule collections of clothes.

What are the benefits of the capsule:

-You get a mini-wardrobe for the season. Everything in the capsule fits perfectly. — You do not overload your house with unnecessary clothes, which it is not clear where to attach later.

The capsule from the Amira Far brand contains basic items — usually a skirt and shirt / longsleeve, and designer ones — here we give free rein to fantasy.

From several capsules, you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Our clothes are durable thanks to high-quality fabrics and accessories. We offer luxury tailoring, that is, the wrong side of the product is closed with a lining or «packed» with inlays from lining fabric and looks noble.

Well, make up your mind, you are one step away from creating the wardrobe of your dreams!

All this is interesting, but you are not ready to order? Ask questions about clothes brand Amira Far, we are happy to chat!


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