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It’s good when you can control the TV from the comfort of the couch, and even better when you can do it from another room while doing your own thing. Mobile phones have become an integral part of life, and having a TV remote on it is very convenient. This function is provided via iPhone (iPod / iPad) or Android smartphone. It gives not only the ability to switch channels, but also launch applications.

TV, tablet and phone

Benefits of mobile management

Using the phone as a remote control for controlling the TV, at first glance, will seem like a joke, pampering or an extra option. But, since the range of its operation has recently expanded greatly, this turned out to be a very useful function. From your smartphone, you can access built-in internet browser, which allows you to quickly find the information you need, as well as view it on a large screen. The popular YouTube video hosting, social networking resources allow you to search and view interesting videos (learn how to display video from Iphone to TV). Good screen quality, high resolution display will provide an opportunity to play them in good quality. Navigating the Internet is much easier and more convenient using the phone’s keyboard. Mobile pairing with the device makes it possible to use the full functionality of the TV in a simplified form.

TV control

Ways to connect a TV with a smartphone

For a smartphone to become a remote control, it must be equipped with an infrared port. This is a small sensor that interacts with a similar module on the TV. Through the infrared port, you can control any TVs — from rather old models without smart functions to new ones on the market. In modern smartphones, it is mostly absent, with the exception of gadgets from Xiaomi and some Chinese.

Another option is to buy an external IR transmitter. It is quite compact and plugs into the 3.5 headphone jack. You can buy such a device on Aliexpress.

If your smartphone does not have an infrared port, you can use Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the method is only suitable for SmartTVs that have the function of connecting to a wireless network.

The best apps to control your TV

To control the TV via a smartphone, the installation of special software is required. Utilities are available for both Android and iOS.TV Remote app

For Android

  1. «TV-Remote.TV Assistant» is one of the best all-in-one apps with Russian-language interface, convenient button layout, fast Wi-Fi connection. After installation, the program will offer to take training, but it can be turned off. The utility is completely free, but it does not bother with ads.
  2. «TV Remote» is another universal application with support for a large number of models and a user-friendly interface. The program has been translated into Russian, does not require payment to usebut has ads. However, users note that it does not particularly interfere.
  3. «Android TV Remote» is an application from Google created specifically for for TVs with Android TV. Among the advantages: free distribution, user-friendly interface, Russian language, support from Google, no advertising.
  4. «Irplus — IR Remote» — universal application for any equipment with an infrared port. The application has a huge database of supported devices, but, according to reviews, it works mainly with well-known brands and is not suitable for no-name manufacturers. The program is in English, but it does not cause any particular difficulties when using it.
  5. Mi Remote Controller. The application from Xiaomi, which is rightfully considered one of the most convenient for controlling equipment via infrared. It’s free, has no ads, and has a huge database of supported manufacturers and devices. The interface is logical and clear, it is possible to create rooms. In each of them, you can configure the remote control for different equipment and just use the ready-made options, rather than setting everything up again.

Search apps on Google Play

These are not the only apps to control TVs. You can find other options by searching for «TVRemote» or «TV remote» in PlayMarket.

Advice! For TV from LG and Samsung, it is recommended to install branded applications LG TV Plus or Samsung Smart View. They are designed only for the devices of these companies, but offer maximum functionality, ease of connection and ease of use without any advertising.

For iOS

«Universal Remote» — an application for Wi-Fi TV control. It is free, works well with devices from well-known brands, but intrusive advertising will force you to purchase a subscription to use it. The functionality is modest, but the main functions — switching channels, selecting a signal source, adjusting the volume are present here.

«Any Mote Smart Universal Remote» — wifi remote, adapted to the music player. At first glance, this is inconvenient, but in practice it turns out to be easy to deal with this application. It works with many TV models, has wide functionality, allows you to customize the interface and is distributed free of charge.

The TV Remote App on iPhone

«The TV Remote» is a program with a retro interface that looks bewildering at first glance, but quickly makes up for in versatility. Utility is easy finds almost any TV. Management here is not the easiest, but mastering is simplified by a step-by-step instruction that will explain how to use this software.

Algorithm for connecting a smartphone via Wi-Fi

If you have a modern smartphone that is not equipped with an IR port, and there is no desire to wait for an IR transmitter from Aliexpress, then the only possible option for controlling the TV is via Wi-Fi. To do this, connect your smartphone to the TV. Consider step by step how to make the TV menu more accessible.

  1. Download the necessary application depending on the model of equipment. It is worth reading the description of the application’s features and user reviews: many of them work only via infrared.
  2. If there is a wireless connection, using Wi-Fi enabled router, you need to connect the TV to the network. In the absence of this interface and using cable Internet, you should connect the cable to the Ethernet connector.
  3. Pair your TV and smartphone. A confirmation window for remote control should appear on the display. If this did not happen in automatic mode, you need to go to the TV menu and turn on this option yourself.

The ability to control the TV via a smartphone will be a great find if the remote control breaks down. Such a malfunction always occurs unexpectedly and causes discomfort, since it is not very convenient to switch it using the buttons on the rear panel. In addition, the phone is always at hand, it is easier to find than the remote control. This is especially common in families with children. Therefore, perhaps, instead of choosing a new remote control, you should pay attention to the functionality of your smartphone.


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